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Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Look Through Any Window!" ~ A Sharing Event!

Our little Scooter * November 1, 2009
Here's our little grandson, Scootie, at his window just a few days after his first birthday.  He wasn't walking real good yet, but, he would make his way over to this window, and, play, and gaze for hours.  He made it his 'space'.  On this day, he was looking out for his 'pawpaw', who was outside mowing, and, he couldn't believe that 'pawpaw' was just on the other side without him.  


Hello dearest friends...I am so thrilled that you were able to come by today for my 'sharing affair'.  I am a window lover, as most people are.  Windows are at our disposal day out, and, there's nothing more enjoyable than a window to dream by, to wish by, to sing by.  A window can bring peace, beauty, and happiness into your life...even while you're washing dishes!

With the coming of the internet and social media, we are doing a lot more sharing with each other than we  could in the past.  I mean, photo sharing, joke sharing, arts and crafts, and goodness!  We're just a keyboard away from hellos all across the states, to London, Australia and all over the world!   

So, what do we know about sharing? 

1)  To divide and parcel out in shares.
2)  To have a share or part
3)  To allow someone to use or enjoy something that one possesses
4)  The act of giving generously in an effort to relate to others
5)  To use or enjoy something jointly, or in turns.

We're here today to share some of the windows that enlighten our lives with the plants, flowers, and fun baubles and items that reflect our personalities.  And, who knows, we can pick up new ideas from each other for times that we may want to change up our window dressing!

I am so pleased and excited to have received photos from you all.  And, such great photos!  See?  We are all so individually talented and creative-we deserve to be out there!

Without further adieu, I present 'Our Windows'!

ForestWalk Dreams
  From Laura at

Diane's 'Darlings'
From Thisisme (Diane) at

Shady's 'Sun Seeking' Specimens
 from  'Shady Del Knight' (Tom) at

Cindy's 'Apple Sundae'
from Cindy Rogers * Hurst, Texas

from This N That (Susan)

Nancy's Arts and Crafts
from Nancy McCarroll at

Nana's Succulents
from 'My Mom' * Alma Jones * Kansas City, Missouri

'Peachy' Zinnias
from Susan at

Now, who the heck is this?  'SHOW-OFF!'

Anybody got Scissors? LOL!
 Susan's Window  at

Aren't the windows all wonderful?..I love them!   I want to thank you all for being such great sports, taking the time to come by, and to send your fun-loving photos for sharing.  I was really excited as I put it all together.  I appreciate all of you, and, welcome you anytime.  I believe we all have favorite trinkets and plants that bring us much joy...just to gaze at them, and, care for them, knowing that we created that pleasing sight.  And, what brings more joy to our lives than to watch a cool rain through a window, or large flakes of snow, softly falling...and early spring blooms, waking up after a long winter's nap?   And, how about the birds and squirrels that visit our backyards? Do they know we're watching through our windows?  Yes, I believe so-after all, we leave fresh water, and delightful treats for them don't we?

*Sounds like I'm ready for cool weather, doesn't it? *

I would like to thank my friend and co-worker Cindy, who inspired me to do this post, by sharing her window photo with me earlier in the summer.

And Thanks To:

"Look through any window yeah, what do you see?
Smiling faces all around,
Rushing through their busy towns."
~from The Hollies, 1966

See safe!