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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Kiss for You!

Our little grandson, Shawn
'Scootie' helped us decorate the tree a couple of weeks ago
We downsized to a smaller tree, but, he had so much fun!

I just came by to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!  

It's been a hard and fast many different things have happened, some good, some not so good.  But, we still manage to go on, don't we? 

I'm beginning to think it's okay to reflect on the past-it always brings a smile to my face!  When I look back, even the not so good events seem trivial...I learned from them!

  Remembering past Christmases, and, New Years eve parties...whoa, that last dance before the clock struck twelve!!!

Remember this?
mistletoe * photo by Suzanne

Mistletoe grows pretty much everywhere in Texas.  Actually, it's considered a parasite!  Go figure!!!  I drive under this stuff everyday to and from work.  In some neighborhoods, where trees are cowering over into the streets, you can see the mistletoe hanging, just beckoning, daring you to stop, and blow a kiss upward! 
 It was one of the most sought after plants at Christmas time where I came from.  A Christmas staple, you could say!  It hangs from doorways, and, from Christmas decorations in the center of dance floors.  And, everyone, at some time in his or her life wants to get caught under it!  Am I right?
  You bet!

For a parasite, mistletoe brings a lot of laughter and joy to our hearts at Christmastime.  It has a certain mystery about it.  We pretend we don't want to get caught under it, but, usually succumb to its spell.  I'd say it's a about you?

Here is the tree that this little sprig fell from, just a couple of blocks from our house at the park.  It's the only green on this tree!  Fascinating huh?
photo by Suzanne

Sooo...with that, I'll leave you...I must get over to the KardKorner to help 'Ms. Asta' finish up last minute printings, and, she's still working on her Christmas story, 'Stockings for Mary', chapter 3!  She's been sick the last couple of days, and, is finally perked up a much to do before Santa arrives!  We'll have little 'Scootie' for just a couple of days!

Thank you so much for taking the time to come by MyTexasGardens.  I wish much happiness to you during this Christmas season, and, for all seasons to come.  I cherish the friendships I have had the pleasure of gaining through my blogging experience!.

Y'all ROCK!

To get caught...or not to get caught!
Kisses and hugs to you all!
Be safe!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pecan Harvest! ...and other news!

Photo by Suzanne * October 28, 2012
One of our Pecan Trees

From almost 3 weeks ago!!!

It's not that I didn't have anything to do, but it was sort of a blasé Sunday.  However, it was a beautiful 60° in Fort Worth, Texas, and, I guess thinking of having to work on Monday prematurely sent the 'blahs' careening my way.

And, Karo quickly tired of watching the Dallas Cowboys lose to New York, even tho they did come back and catch up...never fear, at the last minute SOMEONE drops the ball!
Dallas Cowboy quarterback, Tony Romo
 and NY Giant James Butler * October 28, 2012

...Oh well, enough about the game!  Karo decided to go outside and pick some pecans up off the ground that the squirrels so graciously shook from the tree.  This is probably the oldest pecan tree we have of 4 trees.  It was here when I originally bought the place in 1993.  And, we've planted one...the other 2 trees volunteered to reside on the property.

Did you know that the pecan is not really a nut, but is known as a 'drupe'?  A drupe is a fruit with a single stone or pit, surrounded by a husk.

photo by Suzanne * October 28, 2012

Of course, when it's time for the pecan to make its appearance, the husk turns brown and splits open, and...POP!  The pecans begin to peak thru, scouting out potential predators, such as squirrels!

photo by Suzanne * October 28, 2012

Just a little history!
The 36th Legislature ruled the Pecan tree to be the State Tree of Texas.  In the 16th century, Europeans/Spanish Explorers were the first to come in contact with Pecans in what is now Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.  Of course, we know that Pecans are native to many areas in the US, primarily in the South to Southwestern states.  Pecan groves are plentiful in my neck of the woods, they're a major source of the winter income to many farmers.  As we drive west of Fort Worth into the area between Paradise, TX and Bridgeport, TX, there's a massive Pecan orchard that has been there since the 1950's.  This area covers about 60 acres, with each tree planted 80 feet apart, and, all in straight rows.  It's an amazingly lovely orchard.

San Saba, Texas is the Pecan Capital of the World.  This small town is located in the Texas Hill Country with over 500 miles of running streams.  For over 38 years, San Saba has been a primary supplier of shelled pecan products, such as, Pecan Rolls, nutcrackers, and various gifts.  Here is the link to their website:

And, guess what?  Tommy Lee Jones was born in San Saba, Texas and spent most of his childhood there!  He does maintain a ranch in San Saba today, and enjoys leisure time riding horses, and, just being a cowboy!
* Why here he is now!  That ole Cowpoke!
Howdy Sheriff Jones!  So glad you could stop by!
Tommy Lee Jones

So, we know that Pecans are a favorite among most folks...pecan pralines, pecan pie, and, I like to put pecans in my jello, and on top of brownies in the oven for that 'roasted' flavor!  Karo is now shelling his pecans, and, he will attempt to make pralines with them.  I can hardly wait!

Needless to say, I got past my blah Sunday with the good news that we would be getting a visit from our grandson, 'Scootie'!  We had some catching up to do with him, a belated Birthday celebration would be in order-he can actually say 'birthday' now! lol!

Also, in the favorite author is celebrating the date of his birth at the end of this month!  "Who is that?" you ask.   Well, it's Mark Twain, born November 30, 1835, I believe.  I've enjoyed his writings, and, quotes for most of my life.  As kids, my sister, brother and I even had the 'Authors' playing cards, and, Mark Twain was one of the authors in the deck.  I think my original attraction to Mark Twain was his 'wild look'!  Then, I got to know more about the man.  Twain really enjoyed eating, and, he love his America!  He once said,
"We Americans...bear the ark of liberties of the world."

OK, OK...I'm trying to wrap it up!!!  
Thank you so much for coming by...I am always glad to see you, and hear from you!  Thanksgiving is here in a few days, yay!  Good Eats to all!  
Have a safe holiday-Hugs to you all!!!

And, I leave you with a short video I took of our 'Scootie' in the Spring this year (it's just a little over one minute).  And, it's amazing, the joy a small child brings, just by being himself, or herself.  

See you soon!

"You can't depend on your eyes when
your imagination is out of focus."
~my friend, Mark Twain

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Look Through Any Window!" ~ A Sharing Event!

Our little Scooter * November 1, 2009
Here's our little grandson, Scootie, at his window just a few days after his first birthday.  He wasn't walking real good yet, but, he would make his way over to this window, and, play, and gaze for hours.  He made it his 'space'.  On this day, he was looking out for his 'pawpaw', who was outside mowing, and, he couldn't believe that 'pawpaw' was just on the other side without him.  


Hello dearest friends...I am so thrilled that you were able to come by today for my 'sharing affair'.  I am a window lover, as most people are.  Windows are at our disposal day out, and, there's nothing more enjoyable than a window to dream by, to wish by, to sing by.  A window can bring peace, beauty, and happiness into your life...even while you're washing dishes!

With the coming of the internet and social media, we are doing a lot more sharing with each other than we  could in the past.  I mean, photo sharing, joke sharing, arts and crafts, and goodness!  We're just a keyboard away from hellos all across the states, to London, Australia and all over the world!   

So, what do we know about sharing? 

1)  To divide and parcel out in shares.
2)  To have a share or part
3)  To allow someone to use or enjoy something that one possesses
4)  The act of giving generously in an effort to relate to others
5)  To use or enjoy something jointly, or in turns.

We're here today to share some of the windows that enlighten our lives with the plants, flowers, and fun baubles and items that reflect our personalities.  And, who knows, we can pick up new ideas from each other for times that we may want to change up our window dressing!

I am so pleased and excited to have received photos from you all.  And, such great photos!  See?  We are all so individually talented and creative-we deserve to be out there!

Without further adieu, I present 'Our Windows'!

ForestWalk Dreams
  From Laura at

Diane's 'Darlings'
From Thisisme (Diane) at

Shady's 'Sun Seeking' Specimens
 from  'Shady Del Knight' (Tom) at

Cindy's 'Apple Sundae'
from Cindy Rogers * Hurst, Texas

from This N That (Susan)

Nancy's Arts and Crafts
from Nancy McCarroll at

Nana's Succulents
from 'My Mom' * Alma Jones * Kansas City, Missouri

'Peachy' Zinnias
from Susan at

Now, who the heck is this?  'SHOW-OFF!'

Anybody got Scissors? LOL!
 Susan's Window  at

Aren't the windows all wonderful?..I love them!   I want to thank you all for being such great sports, taking the time to come by, and to send your fun-loving photos for sharing.  I was really excited as I put it all together.  I appreciate all of you, and, welcome you anytime.  I believe we all have favorite trinkets and plants that bring us much joy...just to gaze at them, and, care for them, knowing that we created that pleasing sight.  And, what brings more joy to our lives than to watch a cool rain through a window, or large flakes of snow, softly falling...and early spring blooms, waking up after a long winter's nap?   And, how about the birds and squirrels that visit our backyards? Do they know we're watching through our windows?  Yes, I believe so-after all, we leave fresh water, and delightful treats for them don't we?

*Sounds like I'm ready for cool weather, doesn't it? *

I would like to thank my friend and co-worker Cindy, who inspired me to do this post, by sharing her window photo with me earlier in the summer.

And Thanks To:

"Look through any window yeah, what do you see?
Smiling faces all around,
Rushing through their busy towns."
~from The Hollies, 1966

See safe!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Herbaceous Plants...and, A Gentle Reminder!

Schoolbus * Fort Worth, TX * September 2012
Hi everyone!  I guess we all know by now that school has been back in session for several weeks.    This is my favorite schoolbus.  I get to stop for it almost every morning on my way to my 'big people's' school, lol!  I decided to get my phone out and take this photo one morning while I waited for the children to board the bus...I had a front row seat!  And, now, after stopping for this bus for the past few years, the bus driver and I waive to each other!  So, if she saw my phone flashing, I guess she didn't mind my taking the photo.
The other day I came across the name 'herbaceous', and, naturally I said, "What the heck does that mean?" Then, of course, I went 'nosing' around, and found out what it means!
Herbaceous plants have little or no wood within their structures.  As the season ends for these plants, their leaves and stems die back, and, virtually disappear...seemingly without a trace!  In truth, 'herbaceous' plants, during their disappearing act, are 'kinda', just barely above ground, or a little below ground.  They can be annuals, perennials, or biennials.  And, they're just waiting for the new season when they can pop back up and start over again.  I learned that when the new season begins, 'herbaceous' plants come up quickly, and grow fast!
The Stella D'Oro is a perfect example of a 'herbaceous' plant.
photo by suzanne
Stella D'Oro lilies will bloom into the fall, then, die off as tho they were never there.  Of course, at this time, you can thin them out and transplant them to other areas.
The Hosta is also 'Herbaceous'
photo by Suzanne
Oh, don't mind 'Frogmalion'...he's just the keeper of the greens!  So you see my big Hosta? It is also on the 'herbaceous' list, and, totally disappears in the winter...again, no trace!  Then, starts peeking up thru the soil in early spring.  I've had this one for 7 or 8 years now.  The bulb is like a little cap, with some stringy roots attached.  You wouldn't think that small clump could produce a plant this nice!
And, then, there's the 'Coleus'
photo by suzanne
Now, I don't know why the Coleus is on the 'herbaceous' plant list.  I've had plenty of Coleus plants over the years, and, true...they don't have woody stems, but, if these sweethearts die back, that's it folks!  I usually take clippings from the tops that have a few leaves on them, and put them into other they go, growing into new, lovely plants.  Sometimes in the late fall, I take small clippings, plant in small 4" pots, and take them into the shed for the winter.  I just lightly water them throughout the cold months.  Granted, they're not just 'beautious' during the winter, but still alive.  In the spring, when all seems safe, I take the baby Coleus out of the shed, and, either plant in larger pots, or into the ground.  I have not ever experienced a Coleus plant returning from the ground in the spring.
  Have you?
Liriope, aka 'Monkey Grass'
photo by suzanne
How about those Zinnias?  This large bouquet of Zinnias were a result of 'flying seed'.  Believe it or not, Karo had spread some dried seed from other spent 'Broadleaf Zinnias', and, the following spring this 'momba jamba' cluster appeared 'outside the box', in front of the liriope border!
Which brings me to my last example of a 'herbaceous' plant.  The 'Liriope', otherwise known as 'Monkey Grass' is on the Herbaceous plant list.  It does meet most of the requirements to be included, as, in some cases, it does die back.  But, for the most part, 'Liriope' is evergreen.  You can cut it back, or mow it back to nothingness...and, then it will return, full of life and vigor!  This variegated grass that I have, is very invasive-YAH!  I can't divide it fast enough!  But it is very pretty, and, I gladly share with anyone who desires it.
Other plants on the 'Herbaceous' list include, Geraniums, Canna, Salvia, and Banana Trees.  This was a very fun, new term for me...I'll try not to wear it out!  Haha!☺
AND, speaking of projects...I implore you, my gracious readers, to please send me photos of your favorite windowsill for my windowsill share event.  I have received photos from several of you...Thank you so much-and, they're great!  I would like to receive your photo(s) by the end of this coming week, so, I can begin my post. 
I am thanking you in advance for participating in this sharing event!
I'm so grateful you stopped by to see what I've been up to...  Maybe we'll have a POP QUIZ on this post one day, haha!  Just kidding!  But, all kidding aside, I appreciate're fabulous!  Thank you for humoring me- I treasure your comments and input!  Have a safe weekend...come by anytime!♥
Thank You also:
***  one more for the road, ok? ***

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer's Not Over Yet!

White-Winged Dove

photo by Suzanne * August 18, 2012
Fort Worth, Texas

Well, this is a first...I've never seen 'white-winged dove' before, but on this Saturday afternoon, as we were driving toward our house, Karo spotted these white beauties flying around this light pole. It's the only light pole on our street.  When we pulled into the driveway, I ran into the house and grabbed my camera in hopes that they would not forsake me by flying off.  I quietly, hurried up the street...lo, and behold, they had lighted on the pole to scout out the neighborhood.  And, they stayed long enough for me to get a few shots-they were beautiful!

* We do have a few items of 'business' to take care of today (HA!  I don't have a business bone in my body!).  I know it's September, but, for some of us, the fall weather just doesn't begin until late October...drats!  Even, tho we think we can push our weight around and force it, we have to wait until the first leaf falls!

~and, here it! 

~Yahoo Images

I don't know about you all, but, I have never thought that some of our everyday spring blossoms could be potentially poisonous.  Oh, I know of a few that I've heard could be a bit 'numbing', such as the 'Oleander', 'China berries', and, oh yes...that much adored houseplant, 'Dieffenbachia', otherwise known as 'Dumb Cane'!

A couple of months ago, my friend and co-hort at the office, Cindy, brought me an article from the UT Southwestern Medical Center.  This is a publication Cindy receives periodically, and, this was the summer issue.  It is a toxicology report regarding some of our favorite garden flowers.  And, I thought it would be beneficial to share with you as you plan next spring's gardens.  The article lists potentially harmful plants, and safe plants.  I must say, I am surprised at their findings, especially since these flowers are our all-time favorites.  But, I'm sure we all use precaution when our youngsters are outdoors admiring these beauties...give them a snack first!

I hope you can see the chart well enough.

* Next on our agenda is the matter of my Windowsill 'photo-sharing' project.  Please don't forget to send me your 'windowsill' photo(s) no later than September 25, 2012.  I have already received photos from three of you, and, I'm so excited about that...thank you so much! ♥

Thank you all for coming by to see what we're up to in the Lone Star State.  It is a bit cooler today-well, to us, 84° is cooler!  I've managed to get a little gardening done...and, I'm still cutting zinnias every week to bring inside.  What a treat-colorful blooms all summer long!

I want to send a great BIG Thank You to my friend Cindy, for sharing her article on toxic and safe plants-thank you so much Cindy!

And, thank you's go out to:
UT Southwestern Medical Center 
Yahoo Images
~and, my Grandparents~

* and, lastly...
I saw this quote the other day, but don't remember where:

"The best thing about Grandma's house is Grandpa!
Scooter and 'PawPaw'

~photo by Suzanne * 08-18-12

Be safe, be happy!  Happy Grandparents' Day!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mini Cactus...and, A Sharing Proposal!

Photo by Suzanne * July 21, 2012
Good Day everyone...hope this Saturday finds you all enjoying, relaxing and ready for the long Labor Day weekend!  I just have a short post today, I think!
Above is my 'mini' cactus bowl.  I do love succulents, but did not want to dig and plant a massive cactus garden this year...actually, it's been quite a few years since I've raised cacti.  But, I always admire the tiny cactus at Home Depot and WalMart, so, I broke down and purchased a few, and, they are still faring well. 
* The lighter colored 'roselike' plants are called 'String of Buttons'.
*   The darker green ones are named 'Mini Pine Tree'.
(these two specimens are native of South Africa)
* Now, the pink cactus in the center is a 'Grafted Gymnocalycium' other words, it's two cacti in one.  The pink part of the graft is pink because it is deficient of chlorophyll, thus, it cannot live on its own.  So it is grafted onto a green cactus stalk, known as 'Hylocereus'.  This cactus is indigenous to South-Eastern South America, and, it is strongly advised that you grow them indoors, or in a greenhouse.  But, oh well, mine is on the front porch!
Here is what the Gymnocalycium looks like on its own:
***  And, now...this just in-across the wire from ***
Scooter's Scams!
photo by Suzanne * August 18, 2012
"Good evening folks!  It has been brought to my attention that Susan from this blog...and, that other blog, is planning a little photo-sharing event.  She asked me to tune in today to send her request for your participation.  Susan loves windowsills (she's always taking pictures of her kitchen windowsill!)  Her plan is to display various windowsills that have flowers, fruits/veggies, knick-knacks, or, nothing at all.  However, Susan doesn't want to 'GRAB' them from the internet...she wants real 'downhome' photos from you, her blogmytes (OOPS! I mean blogmates)!
a technical glitch, no doubt!
Susan plans to run this post early in October, and would like to have your photos no later than September 25, 2012, and, she already has 2 windowsill photos!  Trust me, it's not a contest...just fun, sharing with each other.  So, please, if you would email a photo to her, she would be so excited! 
 Her email address:
Thank you so much for tuning in to MyTexasGardens!  I remain gratefully yours..
'The pawn! (OOPS again, I mean, Shawn, aka Scooter, Scootie, etc.)
Please, please, have a safe Labor Day weekend!
And, We Thank!
Yahoo Images
" Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while,
But our hearts forever."
~author unknown

Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Little Piggy Went to Market!

Sheet Metal Pig
photo by Suzanne * August 25, 2012
Howdy, y'all!  I don't really say 'howdy'...I just stopped by to say hello, hope you're having a great 'pre-fall' weekend.  You, know,  I'm really getting anxious for the cooler weather to 'fall' upon us.  Fortunately, we haven't had quite the torrid temps here in the Lone Star state as we did last summer, and, even recently, we were graced with some!
So, today we decided to visit the local Farmer's Market...I wanted to get some good tomatoes, and, possibly find some peaches.  Oh...nothing against the grocery store produce, but, sometimes the fruit is so costly, and, not the best.  Once we got there, I spied interesting props for good photos, but, had to use my cell phone...not thinking about taking my camera along, lol!
Cool sign, huh? * August 25, 2012
They keep a lot of their plants and foliage outside on racks.  See the pepper plants on the bottom shelf?  And, I noticed 'Dusty Miller' plants on the rack too-a hardy plant that is evergreen, or, should I say, 'ever-silver'?  They almost glow in the dark!
photo by Suzanne
What in the world is this?  We decided it must be a burro!
photo by Suzanne
The Farmer's Market had everything...fruits, veggies, legumes of all kinds-a variety of mushrooms, honey, even bee pollen!
photo by Suzanne we go again!  Now what's this?  An ox?
photo by who?
Apples and Pears...Lemons and Limes
photo by Suzanne
I did find my peaches and tomatoes, and we picked up potatoes, grapes, yummy avacados...Karo even found a jar of chowchow!  All in all, it was a productive trip, with little percs strategically placed about the store.  I like to visit the market in the fall...they dedicate a whole section to the 'autumn cause'.  I will visit again when they bring their decorative pumpkins, gourds, and cornhusks out.  
And, next time, I'll take my camera! 
Until next time, my healthy, be safe, and, be HAPPY!
Look for the beauty in all things!
photo by yours truly!
"You've got to go out on a limb sometimes,
because that's where the fruit is."
~will rogers
Thank you so much for coming by!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fairy Finds Fabulous Foliage!

Photo by Suzanne * July 21, 2012

Even tho the temps have risen here  in the Lone Star state, I've managed to keep certain treasures alive and well.  With the help of my little fairy friend, my potato vines are still among us!

I 've planted potato vines only a couple of times, and with not much luck.  This time I took better care, and, I did plant two different potato plants together.  Early on, I kept them in the back yard with shade and filtered light from the tree.

This is what they looked like on June 4, 2012
They were about 1 month old, and growing fiercely!

Here I have a 'Marguerite' potato vine that sports heart-shaped, chartreuse leaves.  And, on your left is the potato plant known simply as 'Blackie', with large deep purple-to black leaves. 
 What a great color combination!

So you see my 'fine faery friend', (it's ok, faery is a word), finally found her station on my property, and in my life, after 2 years of just being stuck here and there!  Oh, there were days that she leaned a bit...especially if 'SOMEONE' got a little too nozzle-happy while watering, and, once, she disappeared 'down under'  beneath the damp soil.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided this plant deserved a better location, with more exposure to the outside, and admiring eyes.  So it was moved to our front porch, where it is the first thing I see as I leave for work in the mornings.  Karo keeps an eye on it throughout the day, and moves it back if the sun gets too bright on the porch. 

I thought I'd share a few tips that might help you be successful
with your  Sweet Potato Vine

1.  Depending on your climate, the potato vine can be grown in full sun to partial shade.  I've seen these plants flourish en masse in front of apartment complexes, gas stations, and banks, in the hot blaring sun. Since they have a tendancy to wilt during the hottest part of the day, we push our plant back into some shade during those hours.

2.  Try to keep your potato vines moist....oh, not drowning, just regularly moist.

3.  Cut it back whenever you want to keep it under control.  Cutting back some also encourages the plant to become fuller, thus, prolonging it's life.

4.  And if you do cut it back, put your cuttings in water to root for propagation.  You can root potato vine just like you would an ivy plant.

photo by Suzanne * July 21, 2012

I hope this finds you all staying as cool as you can, and doing well.  Thank  you so much for stopping by to see my 'Potato Vines', and their sweet little caretaker.  Please have a wonderful summer, and, be safe.
I would like to express my sorrow and heart-felt sympathies to the victims and families that were affected by the tragedy in Colorado.  What can we say?  I'm trying to quit asking why, and, focus on prayers and best wishes for the innocent families involved.

My Gratitude goes out to:
Karo...who, celebrated his Birthday on July 21st
hi Mom
thank you my little 'foliage fairy'

July's Fairy is the Larkspur Fairy

'A Flower Fairy from the mountains
reminds us to keep an open heart'

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My 'Favorite' Gardner Turns 86!!!

'My Mom...turns 86 years old July 8, 2012

This is my mother, Alma.  She is decorating her table for the Mother's Day Tea her Senior's club hosted last year.  This is one of her favorite pasttimes...decorating tables for her Senior's club luncheons.  She always has a theme, and co-ordinates floral arrangements around her table settings.  Mom is celebrating her 86th Birthday on July 8, 2012, and, can STILL chase me down!

Mom is a very active 86 year old, participating in many community functions and clubs...she even helps pack meals for 'Meals on Wheels'!   She is the Vice President and Senior Advisor for the Greater Kansas City Herb Study Group.  She helps organize luncheons, and reservations for the various field trips and programs sponsored by the club.  And, mom helps plant and maintain the herb and floral garden for the club that is planted at the club's site within Loose Park in Kansas City.  She also is a member of a weekly reading group, and knitting club...WOW!  That was a mouthfull!!!  I'm telling you, she can still dance around me!

Anyway, I'm here to celebrate Mom and her accomplishments.  I have learned much about gardening from her.  Oh...she didn't sit me down with a book-I just COPIED her methods, and listened without letting her know!  Mom's best piece of advice to all is:
"Start small, and grow what you know"
Now, that's a broad statement, isn't it?  What do you think it means?  Well, I think, from my own experience that you should try to stay within the boundaries of what appears to thrive best in your climate and area.  I know, I know-it's fun to try new and exotic plants and flowers...and, I think you should!  I have!!!  And, sometimes you find that you can 'master' the beautiful orchids, or raise your own carnations.  Trial and error is the best way...
...that's how we discover what works best for us, n'est-ce pas?♫

Here we go!  I decided to post a few photos of some of my mom's garden work in honor of her Birthday! 
Mom's patriotic gazing balls highlight this garden of plants in her
front yard.  There's a lot of color on display here!
Photo by Suzanne on July 7, 2009

And, the Crane overlooks what?  We'll find out soon!
photo by Suzanne * July 2009

Here she is, working around her pond, checking the lily pads
and, other water plants!
How do you like the elephant fountain?  I think the Crane is on
the other side looking on...and, marveling!

And, this is one of my favorite places in Mom's back yard.
It faces the pond, and, is a shady and relaxing spot.
I took this photo, and, loaned it to Susan at
The KardKorner (haha!) to make invitations and thank you notes from.

***  OK...just one more photo!
Remember my little 'floral confidante' Chloe?
Chloe assisted me with a post last August on container gardening.
Well, here she is engrossed in the beauty of Great Grandma's
big shade tree! Chloe enjoys water features, as do all children.
I think she's about to make a wish in the (I think the water is for the birds) bowl!
You can see the English Ivy and a hosta behind her.  This is a wonderful large tree with a lot of goodies surrounding it.  I love to walk around it when we visit and look at all of the different plants and trinkets. 
Mom, you've created a wonderland for all ages! 

My mother loves all of the plants and flowers we enjoy in Texas, like the Oleander...she's the reason I took an interest in them.  Oleanders are all over my neighborhood in colors of red and pink.  I have a white one, and, it is truly a beauty.  But in Kansas City, mom has to take hers inside for the winter, which can be a chore in a large pot.  In my neighborhood, they stay in the ground all winter, and, for the most part, are evergreen.  Sometimes the leaves will get frost bitten and you have to trim them off in the spring.  And, mom sends zinnia seeds our way every year-you've seen what we've reaped so far...they're bursting with color and make beautiful floral arrangements.

Well, I could go on and on, but, it's time for the finale!
Mom's Birthday video shot by Karo on July 4th!
You'll like this one mom...Happy Birthday!

MOM, if you're reading this from your e-mail, you'll have to go to the bottom of the e-mail and click on MyTexasGardens, coming to my blog so you can see this video!

Video shot by Karo, July 4, 2012
Edited and produced by Susan from KardKorner headquarters
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"The caterpillar does all of the work,
but the butterfly gets all the publicity."
~attributed to George Carlin