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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Howdy September!

~photo by Suzanne * August 2013

Just coming by to wish you all a wonderful Labor Day holiday!  We're under a tremendous heatwave right now here in the Lone Star, plant life at MyTexasGardens is suffering.  We have moved some of the plants to a shadier area as  you can see here in my little 'open air' green house!  Not really a true greenhouse, just pretend-Rusty just walked in and said the thermometer is at 104°.

So, I ran out the back door with my camera, and, got the shot of our poor little bird that hangs on the mulberry tree...I mean, this is in the shade, folks!  See for yourself!

~photo by Suzanne * September 1, 2013

Now does that say over 100° or what?  Phew!  And, not a breeze in site...or, in the air, rather!  Yes, my dears, I've spent most of the day indoors, and, have enjoyed it.  But, really, we'll all be glad when autumn hits town, and we can spend more time outdoors, roaming around, picking up pecans, and, enjoying the nice fall colors!

~photo by Suzanne * September 1, 2013

Directly under the thermometer, under the mulberry tree, I have some Asparagus Fern.  And, miraculously it is still thriving along with just a few of my caladiums.  So, all is not lost!

Thanks so much for coming by today.  I just had to stop over and say hello, and tell you how much I appreciate your visits and comments.  

Play hooky tomorrow from's legal!  Well...I say it's legal.  I wouldn't want anyone to get fired for skipping work if  you're supposed to be there, so, I guess you better show up!

Happy Labor Day from MyTexasGardens!
See you next time!