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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gardenias: A Fragrance That Captivates - Southern Living

My Gardenias

This is the only photo of my Gardenias I have, because...blah, blah, I lost all others on my last computer, of course!   And my poor bushes perished this winter in all of the ice and snow.  They are trying to come back, but, I don't think they'll ever be like this again.  They did flourish for about 5 years, tho.  I love mine would bloom, I would cut from 3 to 5 of them to bring in.  They had short stems, so I had to figure out how to display them effectively.  I had a shallow clear crystal bowl and would place 'ice cube-like' rocks in the bottom of the bowl.  Then I would strategically arrange light blue marble-shaped glass globes on top of the clear crystals.  I could then, carefully, place the 'Gardenias' on top in a minimal amount of water, and gently push the stems into the glass baubles to stay in place.  Thus, the 'Gardenias' had the appearance of floating, and you got the reflections of the clear glass cubes and blue marbles that gave a 'watery' look to the arrangement.  And I truly believe that the water kept the scent of the 'Gardenias'  fresh and longer lasting.  Oh, what aroma!

And it brings to mind an alltime favorite...
 Jungle Gardenia by Tuvaché
"The World's Most Exotic Perfume"

What a fragrance!  'Jungle Gardenia' was first introduced in 1932 by the Tuvaché Company in New York. When I was a kid, 'Jungle Gardenia' was a favorite on the "Queen For A Day Show".  All of the contestants would receive a bottle of 'Jungle Gardenia', and I had always wished to be able to have a bottle myself one day.  And then, in the 1970's sometime, I bought myself a small bottle. wonderful!  But I used it sparingly, since it really wasn't in my budget.  I just wore it on occasions, and only to work if I was wearing green that day.  How funny!  I think some of the game shows like "Truth Or Consequences" continued to gift 'Jungle Gardenia' for some years, and you can still purchase this lovely fragrance today, (by the way, it is more affordable now).  I haven't had any in years, and other 'Gardenia' fragrances just don't hold up to the original 'Jungle Gardenia'. 
You can find the whole story on:

Next, I want to share with you some garden tips.  This is where I have gotten a great deal of help for garden design and the care and raising of plants for my part of the country.   Southern Living magazine posts garden tips every month, and when I saw the article on 'Gardenias' in June's issue,  a sweet note struck home.  I know a lot of gardeners do love 'Gardenias', and this article offers a few good tips. 
Please click on the Southern Living link if you have a moment.

And, I want to thank all of my readers for your gracious AND funny comments and input to my blogs.  I know some of us are still having some trouble with our blogs...I have had trouble this week leaving comments on a few blogs, I hope you all know I am still reading and following and will continue to attempt my "hellooos" to you.  And I noticed that my list of followers has disappeared from my sidebar-I tried to revive it, but to no avail.  Sheesh!!!  I've already lost one whole this some kind of sign?

* Have a safe and pleasant Memorial Day weekend! *

Grandson Shawn on a verrry chilly April 1st, 2011

" Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are."
~Alfred Austin


  1. Hi Susan, I'm sorry you lost all your other photos of Gardenias. It's obvious from this one, just how healthy and beautiful they were. The leaves always tell don't they!
    I've never grown them, but our daughter has... and, oh, the perfume is just so lovely and they bring back memories of warm summer evenings.
    I enjoyed the story of your favourite perfume too. It's delightful to have a special one tucked away to use when the mood takes.
    What a beautiful moment you've captured with your dear grandson!
    Thank you for including my button on your sidebar too Susan, it was a lovely surprise.
    Am enjoying your garden blog very much. Cheerio for now :D)

  2. Hi Susan! So glad you're back. Yes, love those Gardenias...I couldn't believe it when they started blooming. And since mine have pretty much perished, I plan to get a couple more. They did flourish for about 5 years, and weren't expensive.
    My grandson loves the outdoors, no matter what the weather, and he knows I'm shooting photos when he's out there-little ones do such fun and interesting things!
    Thank you for coming by and, I really think your blog button is georgeous, thank you for letting me use it. Your blogs are fascinating, and I thought I could help share them.
    Shall talk to you soon!

  3. That is such a sweet picture of Shawn.

    Love love love gardenias. And that gorgeous scent! Reminds me of Texas, for sure.

  4. Hi Nancy!
    Gardenias are so special...they don't even look real. It's such a treat to have them in the house to look at.

    Thank you for the compliment of Shawn. He's a good subject, and no matter what the weather, he loves the outdoors.

    Hope you've recuperated from your trip.

  5. i LOVE gardenias too! ooooh..ooooh...that smell...

    and i do the same as you...cut a few off and bring them in to float on the water!

    don't worry about losing all your pic's...i'm sure you'll make up for it!!

    C U T E shawn picture!!

  6. Hi Laura,
    I think I remember seeing a photo of gardenias on your blog one time. Love to float them. They are such a treat...and yes, plenty more pics to take! And Shawn has a way of contributing to the story. Thanks for coming by. You sound a bit more like yourself.

  7. I love your Oleanders! I just bought one and don't know where to plant it yet. I might keep it potted this year until I decide. I have heard bad things about them such as them having invasive roots, they get into your sewer, etc.... But I still love them and can't wait to have them permanently planted in our garden. Nice to meet another Texan blogger!!!


  8. Hi ziggy stardust, and WELCOME Texas Girl! Oleanders run rampant on my side of town. Most of them are red or pinkish in color. And I was so excited to find a white one. At first, we planted it on the north side of the house, because I was afraid the hot Texas sun would burn the blooms. But I only got a few blooms for several years, and the plant only grew to about 4 feet. Then, in winter it would freeze back and I would have to cut it back and wait for it to grow again, only to have one bloom. So, a few years ago, we moved it to the south side of the house, and OMG! It now grows to about 10 feet and blooms a bunch. This past winter was pretty rough on it, so we had to cut it back a lot. But it is coming back and it is getting full. I expect to have blooms later in the summer. I don't know about them being invasive. They can get real tall and bushy. Most people have them on the south of their houses and up against the house itself. The only thing I heard was that they could be a bit poisonous to some animals, and I guess we wouldn't want children chewing on them. I had some pink ones years ago, and didn't have much luck with them. I think they enjoy the heat and sun.

    Thank you so much for following, and for the compliments on my oleander. I'm with you-I love oleanders too.


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