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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day...can you dig it?

Grandson Shawn * March 27, 2012

Good day, my dear readers!  I just popped by to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous Earth Day, which makes it's official appearance on Sunday, April 22, 2012.  As you can see, my little associate Scooter has agreed to accompany me with his earthy demonstrations.

"Everything here is so clear, you can see it...
And everything here is so near, you can feel it"...

The founder of Earth Day is said to have been US Senator Gaylord Nelson, but, the idea was actually presented  by John McDonnell, at a United Nations conference in 1969.    Looks like there might have originally been two separate days for this occasion...March 21st and April 22.  Eventually,  April 22nd became the designated date and, well, the entire week, actually.  Agreed?  Yay!  It was designed to get all schools involved in the movement, including colleges and universities.  And, the focus was, and is, to encourage all people, of all nationalities to show their (our) appreciation for our planet. 

Lets' work to protect the future of our environment!
Plant a tree!
Pick up trash from the yard and curb!
(even if you didn't throw it there)
Clean up the unwanted brush from your yard!
And try to keep unsightly vegetation under control!
Empty standing water from containers in your yard!
Keep your birdbaths clean with fresh water, daily!

Pledge an act of Green!
"The sun beamin' down between the leaves..."
photo by Suzanne * 04-04-12

Thank you so much for stopping by...remember, EVERYDAY is Earth Day!  We're all responsible for the well-being of our God-given earth!  Let's vow to at least TRY to do something constructive...just one thing a day!  I won't kick the coke bottle to the curb, if you won't!  I'll pick it up...even tho I don't drink coke!  I'll pick it up and I'll get it to the nearest trash can, even if it has to be MY trash can!
Do we have a mutual pledge?  Then I say, YAY!!!

Have a wonderful week...AND, a wonderful EARTH Life!

Thank you my little earth boy Shawn!
"Oh, let's dig it...can you dig it, baby?"

And many thanks to:

Thank you to 'The Friends of Distinction for 'Grazin' in The Grass'
Top 10 hit in 1969 on the Pop and R&B hit lists


"Grazin' in the Grass is a Gas...can you dig it?"
Shawn aka. 'Scooter' ~ March 28, 2012

"And it's real, so real, so real, so real, so real...can you dig it?"


  1. Yay, Scootie! I'm happy to know that Shawn is an earth friendly child and that he is discovering the joy of random acts of green. "Teach your children well," sang Crosby Stills Nash & Young.

    I am also reminded of words from the Doors' "When the Music's Over":

    "What have they done to the earth?
    What have they done to our fair sister?
    Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her
    Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn
    And tied her with fences and dragged her down
    I hear a very gentle sound
    With your ear down to the ground
    We want the world and we want it...
    We want the world and we want it...

    I loved your use of the song lyrics to "Grazing in the Grass." I owned that single by Friends of Distinction and also the one by Hugh Masekela.

    I'm sure you'll agree that when you find a coke bottle in the street you can throw it in a trash can, but the better choice is to find a recycling bin. :)

    Happy Earth Week to you, dear Susan!

    1. Hey Shady! Good to see you. Ok, ok...for the coke bottle, I'll find a recycling bin. Thank you for the verse, there was a time when some of us didn't pay attention to the real meanings. Crosby, Stills and Nash are still favorites of mine. And, I couldn't help but think of 'Grazin' in the Grass' while I wrote this post-I knew someone had recorded that song earlier, and there was an instrumental...a fun song. Thank you so much for coming by and for the kind comments. Next time Scootie comes, I'm going to let him plant some flowers-we even bought him some garden clogs to wear next time! See you soon, Shady, take care!♫

  2. Hi Suzanne. We certainly DO have a mutual pledge, so I say YAY along with you!! More super photos of your little grandson. He really is gorgeous. Love the one of him in the little cart! I didn't know anything about Earth Day, so thank you so much for sharing this with us. We owe it to our grandchildren to look after the earth for their sakes, don't we? Great post.

    1. YAY Thisisme! By the looks of your gardens, you do a wonderful job of blessing Mother Earth! You are right...we owe it to our grandchildren to keep it up so they can enjoy it as we have. Haha, Shawn does take good photos when you can catch him having fun. He always finds something new to do in the yard, even loves playing with the old stuff! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your lovely compliments. Will be keeping up with you and the Olympics this summer!♥

  3. Well, I did my good deed for Earth Day again today! Cleaned out some more unwanted leaves, swept the curbing on the street, but Oh God, the very next rain storm and some more will come down from the lazy so & so's, (Neighbors) that don't bother to get that stuff picked up!
    Looks like shawn has grown another 4"'s, he'll make a good gardener. Your white rose bush looks good, noticed my minature yellow is loaded with blooms, will have to get a picture of it tomorrow. My clematis bush is loaded too, wished it could stay that way all summer, but am afraid it won't.
    You did good as usual.
    Have a good night.
    Love, Mums

    1. Hi Mom, Shawn is growing tall. We have to watch out for the counter tops in the kitchen now. His head is right up there to catch the corners! I guess it's up to those of us who care to pick are blessed. Thanks for stopping by, will talk to you later.♥

  4. Hi Susan, love your earthy post - and I'm taking extra note of what I can do over here too!
    Shawn is such a keen little gardener. He'll have that joy all of his life now won't he.
    Our earth is precious and it's wonderful to be able to derive so much joy from digging in the dirt and growing things.
    I'm busily planning my winter garden now, am going to plant out some kale, turnips and spinach tomorrow.
    Cheers to you and thank you for always creating such interesting and fun posts :D)

  5. Hey Susanne, long time since Ive checked in.... been so busy with the family and work. Shawn is super sweet!!! I love your pix and as usual your garden looks awesome. I am just now starting to bring my garden back to life. I am doing some weeding this weekend. I want to plant some new flowers but I have no idea on what to buy and how to choose the right plants for my garden... its overwhelming but I will give it a try. Please advice if you have any suggestions!!!

    Ziggys Emporium (checking in from work ;)

    1. Hi the heck are you doing? So good to see you here. Family and work can surely take up a lot of time. You know, one of the easiest flowers is periwinkles. They can withstand the heat-they love it, and they're cheap. The light colored ones are the best, I've not done good with the red ones when it gets hot. And cannas are heat tolerant too-they can get real tall, and they will multiply-they will bloom all summer. But you have to cut the dead blooms off, and new ones will come. Elephant ears and caladiums are good ones, but the bulbs need to be planted by May 1st, getting kind of late. And caladiums prefer some shade. They look good planted in front of shrubs. We have planted zinnia seeds-you can plant them anytime during spring and summer...they also like the heat and are the best cutting flowers to bring in. We have them in 4 large pots this year, and they are coming up, but they do well in the ground too. Of course, begonias are good for bordering plants. They, and impatiens like some shade and plenty of water, but what great color! All of these plants are simple, but cheap, and easy to take care of. I also like wood fern around trees. And, they will come back for a few years. Then you can plant new stuff in front of them, like impatiens or begonias, and be done with it.

      I hope I've been of some help. I'm so glad you stopped by, and hope to see some of your work soon. Take care, Ziggy♥

    2. Susan, thanks so much for your advice! I have posted some pix on my blog so come by and take a look when you get a chance, maybe you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about. As always, your comments are very much appreciated!! Take care and happy planting :)


  6. * Susan, I can't believe it's already getting around to winter in your area! We're starting to warm up into the 80's fast! I saw your kale last year-it was beautiful. Can't wait to see how your garden grows this winter. Thank you for coming by to see me!♥


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