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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Raindrops!

~Canna and Vinca * photo by Suzanne * June 9, 2013

Hi everyone!  Hope this Sunday finds you all well, and ready for the hot summer that is creeping our way!  We had a pretty good rain storm in the wee hours of the morning in Fort Worth with lots of low, rolling thunder, and puffs of lightning here and there. It didn't hurt my feelings any, because I knew I didn't have to get up for work this morning, so, I chuckled to myself, and, snuggled deeper under the covers...of course, I went back to sleep!  That's why I didn't get outside early enough to beat the sun's drying the beads of rain from my gardens.  I did catch some raindrops on my canna though, and, managed to get my shoes wet in the grass!

We've been working pretty hard at MyTexasGardens this spring.  The weather has been a blessing up to this point, so we were able to rejuvenate most of the floral gardens with some nice plantings.  And, I have planted seeds of 'Zinnia', 'Shasta Daisies', and 'Sweet Peas'...just some old favorites.  The 'zinnias' and 'daisies' have popped little sprouts in their little rows now, thank you rain!  It is so hard to decide on flowers to plant, because there are so many gorgeous jewels out there!  And, you can get ahead of yourself, too much at one time!  Been there, lol!

Here we are under the Mulberry last, the mulberries are about all gone, just a few remain at the very tops of the tree.  The squirrels and various birds have had their spring feast, and, they are allotting me my space now to nourish this garden as I see fit.  We've got Saint Francis guarding the plantings...he is centrally located, and, is able to watch the entire property of gardens.  For that I am grateful.

As you can see, we have planted 'vinca major' plants all around the tree...that was done right around Easter at the end of March.  Then, with Rusty's help, we placed brightly colored 'impatiens' throughout, and, in front of the 'vinca' for pops of color.  And, it just so happened that I had some 'caladium' bulbs-we went behind the vinca and shared the bulbs all around the tree.  Yay!!!  They are coming up now...we did get them out early in the last week of April, meeting the May 1st deadline with time to spare, although I wish I'd had more of them.  Can you see the 'asparagus fern' beneath the little, worn out ladder?  Well, that's been there since I planted it in 1996, and, it just keeps on giving, it's beautiful!  Last week Rusty and I planted some 'Christmas' fern on the other side, since I couldn't find any small pots of asparagus fern, can't wait to see if it will flourish as the other plants and flowers have.  In the fall I will try to dig some of the asparagus fern up and share it around the tree.  It has been hardy, and hearty!!!

~photos by Suzanne * June 9, 2013

~a sneak peek at my 'private' garden * photo by Suzanne * June 9, 2013
This garden is in a shaded area on the north side of the yard.  It receives sun during the mid-morning hours.  In the lower lefthand area, I have some violets....ooooh!  They really love the shade.  Violets are so hardy...and, they can multiply quickly.  They serve as great border plants, not reaching over 7-10 inches in height.  Then, of course, you can see the 'all invasive' vinca major.  At the back of the garden, grows mondo grass, aka liriope.  Originally, I just stashed it there, but it has become an inspiration, and, keeps me motivated to tuck a bit of color here and there, 'privately'!

My private garden is still a work in progress.  Remember last year, I think in August, when Ms. Suzanne from KardKornerKrib wrote about the 'Sky Bauble'?  Well, she did show some armillary globes in various garden settings, and, mentioned that I should try to feature one such globe in one of my gardens.  I found one on Amazon that was reasonably priced, and ordered it!  Here it is sitting on an old concrete column, that was a cast-a-away from my sweet mother-in-law.  The column was abandoned for a time, and, then offered to me!  I've had it for quite a few years, it has found its place, and will serve as a memorial to my mother-in-law, Dorothy, who passed away in December of 2009!  And, I will post more photos of the private garden as it continues to evolve.

Just a few notes
1.  Vinca is very invasive.  It puts out long runners that attach to the soil, and root quickly.  We have kept the vinca plants under the Mulberry tree trimmed so as not to choke out the Impatiens.  
2.  Impatiens are also shade-loving plants.  Their bright colors pop against the variegated leaves of the vinca.
3.  Caladiums are a great way to anchor any flower garden, whether at the back or as bordering plants.  In the fall, you can dig up your Caladium bulbs, and store in newspaper and paper bags, with some peat moss or a little potting soil, and, keep indoors throughout the winter.

I have found that the three above-mentioned plants compliment each other, and, yes, they do get along...providing you keep the 'vinca' under control!

And, now, my gracious readers, I must bid you adieu.  I hope you've enjoyed your visit, and, were able to get some of your gardening questions answered (especially regarding vinca!).  I must admit, I am not really ready for the 100° this summer, and, we're expecting temps in the 90's this week in Fort Worth!  The city wants us to water the lawns only twice a week.  But, we'll do what we can to keep the gardens alive, won't we?

Thank You:

~Stop by and say hello if you get the chance.  I'm always glad to see you.
  Take care, and be safe!

~Pawpaw and Scootie * March 31, 2013