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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Little Piggy Went to Market!

Sheet Metal Pig
photo by Suzanne * August 25, 2012
Howdy, y'all!  I don't really say 'howdy'...I just stopped by to say hello, hope you're having a great 'pre-fall' weekend.  You, know,  I'm really getting anxious for the cooler weather to 'fall' upon us.  Fortunately, we haven't had quite the torrid temps here in the Lone Star state as we did last summer, and, even recently, we were graced with some!
So, today we decided to visit the local Farmer's Market...I wanted to get some good tomatoes, and, possibly find some peaches.  Oh...nothing against the grocery store produce, but, sometimes the fruit is so costly, and, not the best.  Once we got there, I spied interesting props for good photos, but, had to use my cell phone...not thinking about taking my camera along, lol!
Cool sign, huh? * August 25, 2012
They keep a lot of their plants and foliage outside on racks.  See the pepper plants on the bottom shelf?  And, I noticed 'Dusty Miller' plants on the rack too-a hardy plant that is evergreen, or, should I say, 'ever-silver'?  They almost glow in the dark!
photo by Suzanne
What in the world is this?  We decided it must be a burro!
photo by Suzanne
The Farmer's Market had everything...fruits, veggies, legumes of all kinds-a variety of mushrooms, honey, even bee pollen!
photo by Suzanne we go again!  Now what's this?  An ox?
photo by who?
Apples and Pears...Lemons and Limes
photo by Suzanne
I did find my peaches and tomatoes, and we picked up potatoes, grapes, yummy avacados...Karo even found a jar of chowchow!  All in all, it was a productive trip, with little percs strategically placed about the store.  I like to visit the market in the fall...they dedicate a whole section to the 'autumn cause'.  I will visit again when they bring their decorative pumpkins, gourds, and cornhusks out.  
And, next time, I'll take my camera! 
Until next time, my healthy, be safe, and, be HAPPY!
Look for the beauty in all things!
photo by yours truly!
"You've got to go out on a limb sometimes,
because that's where the fruit is."
~will rogers
Thank you so much for coming by!


  1. Howdy yourself ! Great photos you've shared with us today. I almost felt that I was there with you. I love visiting Farmers'Markets and drooling over all the lovely produce they have on display. Hope all is well with you.

    1. Hi Thisisme, farmer's markets are never know what you'll find there. You may be in France by now. Get there safely, follow the sun, and have a wonderful trip!♥

  2. Howdy, dear Susan! My part of Florida is being "graced with some rain" today, but I think I'll leave off the "yahoo" part until Isaac safely passes by. There's a brisk steady breeze blowing at this moment and conditions will deteriorate throughout the day. Tropical storm force winds and bands of heavy rain are expected all day tomorrow. Fortunately, the projected track keeps the storm well offshore. A significant storm surge is expected in Tampa Bay tomorrow and the RNC schedule has already been modified as a result, yet things could have been much worse.

    I love to stroll through farmer's markets and flea markets. I did so for decades when I lived in Pennsylvania and continued the activity when I moved south. I don't know about you but somehow I feel happier and more relaxed in those casual settings and, you're right, you do find excellent bargains especially at the fresh produce stands. I agree that the best time of year is fall when an autumn theme is on display and all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations come out.

    It's good to hear from you, Susan. By sheer coincidence, I have another blog friend named Susan (@ KardKornerKrib) who also lives in Fort Worth and also has a grandson named 'Scootie'. What are the odds??? :) Have a safe and happy week ahead, dear Susan!

    1. Hi Shady, you could be in for some pretty heavy weather. In fact, we're getting a sprinkling right now. I think Isaac is branching out some...he's not sure which way to go. So, we should all get ready. Hope he doesn't do much damage in your part of the country.

      Yes, flea markets are fun. Even with the junk, there are so many items you think you might need. Or..."oh, I could use this in the den!" You can always find some place a flea market item would grace!

      Thank you for coming by and saying hello. I think my blogmate 'Susan' from KardKornerKrib has another story up her sleeve, and Scootie is doing pretty good...getting taller! We'll keep an eye on Isaac from this end, stay safe and dry my friend. See you soon!♫

  3. It's 1 o'clock just sitting down to relax! I love the metal pig, think out of all the animals you picked, the pig is the cutest!
    On our way home yesterday evening, we stopped at the only veggie stand that was still open, and I picked up tomatoes, red and green, small red onions, had one for lunch just now, wished I had got more, because the store carries such huge ones, and they are already beginning to spoil.
    Sounds like you had a good and fulfilling trip!

  4. i love going to the farmer's market too...and i don't really go often enough.

    those animal statue thingies...remind me of pinatas!! what are they made of? they look like paper mache?!

    so...sounds like you had a good day at the market...i always get too much when i go...spend too much...but it's always for GOOD stuff!!

    i hope the skeeter problem is improving. right now we're having LOTS of rain...due to the storm in the gulf...but i feel sorry for new orleans if Isaac really does end up heading for there!!!

    have a good week susan!

  5. Hi Laura, we still have the skeeters, they're so bad a dusk. It's better to get watering done in the heat of the day believe it or not. They're not very active then.

    We got some real good peaches at the market...I won't buy them at the grocery store anymore. I don't go as often as I would like to and this market isn't open on Sundays when I really want to go. The little animals were made out of sheet metal, so, they were kind of crude, yet real artistic. You would have love the 'shrooms they had. There was some kind of 'ox' mushroom...very large! So, it was pretty interesting.

    Thanks for stopping seeing you on fb too! Have a good week yourself Laura!♥

  6. Susan --- this was so good !!!! Love the pig --- and yes I think the questionable picutre was a burro.

    Again, have fun on your holiday!!!!!!!!!
    With love, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy, the pig appears to have been a favorite. I just love to walk around an outdoor shop and look around and under for unusual and artistic items. Thank you for coming by...hope you're not working too hard. See you soon! Hugs!♥

  7. Oh, I love Farmers' Markets! Your pictures make me think I am right there. Pick up those tasty Texas 'maters for me!

    1. Hi Nancy, you bet we picked up some tasty 'maters! I could even smell them just standing by the carts...they smelled just like they just came off the vine-and, juicy too! We're ready to go back for more.

      Thank you for coming by...have a safe and pleasant Labor Day weekend!♥

  8. Hi Susan, what fun you had at the Farmers Market! Delightful to see your photos (just loving the pig especially).
    Nothing like tomatoes with taste - and the proper smell. We love our Farmers Markets over here too :D)

  9. Hello Susan. The farmer's market was a refreshing trip, full of goodies-and, the tomatoes were great, I like them to have a certain smell, then you know they're fresh! We've also enjoyed the peaches, they're not that good from the grocery store.

    I just may have to go back and buy that pig! He seems to be a favorite! He is made from sheet metal and painted, I think they did a good job. It's so good to see you here, hope your spring weather is coming along nicely. Take care, hugs to you and MD!♥


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