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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanks to November!

~Branson, Missouri * photo by Suzanne

This year, Autumn has brought many amazing surprises to the forefront.  It has been a fast-moving season, and, I don't want to let go of it just yet.  How about you?

September blew in without a fuss, inciting anticipation of  red and gold leaves, along with cooler breezes.  Well...for a lot of us folks, temperatures remained in the upper 90's throughout most of the month, and the only leaves turning color were the ones that were dying! 

Oh...October!  School has been in session for a month, and, the spooks are getting restless for those tricks or treats!  October also opens up the inner child in a lot of us adults, bringing back the fun memories of hayrides, fall festivals, and, Halloween.

I know, enough is enough!  Just couldn't help myself!
~photo by Suzanne * October 28, 2016

BUT...November!  Wow!  This one roars in and blasts us with a powerful Presidential election to beat all elections so far in my lifetime!  And, we are finally graced with a rapid cool down into the 30's here in the Lone Star State, forcing department stores to bring out their winter wear for sale.   Then comes the lull before the storm, and preparations for Thanksgiving!   

My mother had mentioned that she and my sister would be leaving for Branson, Missouri in November, and, I whined that I wanted to go also.  Mom checked with the touring agent, and there was space on the bus for me.  Before I knew it, I had driven past the Red River into Oklahoma, and through the woods to good ol' Kansas!   A couple of days later, we were on the bus to Branson.  I didn't know what to expect since I had never been there, but, I was pleasantly surprised.

I had longed to see Autumn leaves, and there were still some in Branson.
  Below are just a few of the photos I took.


November is the month that brings a lot of us together to share memories, whether sad or happy.  This November has been a pretty emotional month for all, and, I think it will wind down with a lot of sharing and good cheer!   It has been a  month of celebrating veterans and servicemen all over the world.  And, it's been a thoughtful month of vows to help those in need.

 I am especially thankful for this November, because I enjoyed a week with my mother and family in Kansas and Missouri, with ideal weather.   The remainder of the week will be spent with my loving Texas family, and, I am ready for some Thanksgiving food!

***  As for you guys...don't forget the football games! ***


Thank you all for coming by, I always enjoy your visits.  Remember, I am the shy one, at least, that's what I told them on the tour bus as we were singing "tweet, tweet, tweet" to the 12 days of Christmas!

But, please stop in and say hello.  Remember to be safe this coming weekend.
   Don't text and drive! 

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from our house to yours, and, love to all from

~Pumpkins, anyone?