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Monday, July 23, 2012

Fairy Finds Fabulous Foliage!

Photo by Suzanne * July 21, 2012

Even tho the temps have risen here  in the Lone Star state, I've managed to keep certain treasures alive and well.  With the help of my little fairy friend, my potato vines are still among us!

I 've planted potato vines only a couple of times, and with not much luck.  This time I took better care, and, I did plant two different potato plants together.  Early on, I kept them in the back yard with shade and filtered light from the tree.

This is what they looked like on June 4, 2012
They were about 1 month old, and growing fiercely!

Here I have a 'Marguerite' potato vine that sports heart-shaped, chartreuse leaves.  And, on your left is the potato plant known simply as 'Blackie', with large deep purple-to black leaves. 
 What a great color combination!

So you see my 'fine faery friend', (it's ok, faery is a word), finally found her station on my property, and in my life, after 2 years of just being stuck here and there!  Oh, there were days that she leaned a bit...especially if 'SOMEONE' got a little too nozzle-happy while watering, and, once, she disappeared 'down under'  beneath the damp soil.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided this plant deserved a better location, with more exposure to the outside, and admiring eyes.  So it was moved to our front porch, where it is the first thing I see as I leave for work in the mornings.  Karo keeps an eye on it throughout the day, and moves it back if the sun gets too bright on the porch. 

I thought I'd share a few tips that might help you be successful
with your  Sweet Potato Vine

1.  Depending on your climate, the potato vine can be grown in full sun to partial shade.  I've seen these plants flourish en masse in front of apartment complexes, gas stations, and banks, in the hot blaring sun. Since they have a tendancy to wilt during the hottest part of the day, we push our plant back into some shade during those hours.

2.  Try to keep your potato vines moist....oh, not drowning, just regularly moist.

3.  Cut it back whenever you want to keep it under control.  Cutting back some also encourages the plant to become fuller, thus, prolonging it's life.

4.  And if you do cut it back, put your cuttings in water to root for propagation.  You can root potato vine just like you would an ivy plant.

photo by Suzanne * July 21, 2012

I hope this finds you all staying as cool as you can, and doing well.  Thank  you so much for stopping by to see my 'Potato Vines', and their sweet little caretaker.  Please have a wonderful summer, and, be safe.
I would like to express my sorrow and heart-felt sympathies to the victims and families that were affected by the tragedy in Colorado.  What can we say?  I'm trying to quit asking why, and, focus on prayers and best wishes for the innocent families involved.

My Gratitude goes out to:
Karo...who, celebrated his Birthday on July 21st
hi Mom
thank you my little 'foliage fairy'

July's Fairy is the Larkspur Fairy

'A Flower Fairy from the mountains
reminds us to keep an open heart'


  1. Hi, Susan! Your potato vines are beautiful - exploding with growth and color - and your little fairy friend looks right at home nestled in the lush foliage. I'm sure it gives your spirits a lift on your way to work in the morning when you glance at the progress your porch plants are making. "Evenly moist, not wet" seems to be the key to growing most types of plants. Even my collection of cacti and succulents can tolerate uniform moisture during the growing season as long as sunshine is abundant.

    I am still in shock over the Colorado massacre. I can't understand how anyone could plot for weeks in advance to kill as many innocent people as possible. It's unfathomable. Please take care of yourself and your family, dear friend!

    1. Hi Shady, we're melting today! Hot and steamy! I'm with you on the Colorado incident. And, we try to understand what happened...what went wrong with that boy?

      I did plant a bowl of cacti myself, and they do like some water. I haven't grown cacti in quite some time. They really like sandy soil.

      I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello, and, thank you so much for your compliments...have a wonderful week. Will see you soon!♫

  2. Your faery is lovely! She knew just where to perch on the vine. You did a good job of growing that potato vine!

    Keep cool down there in Texas.

    1. Thank you Nancy! We're teetering at 100° these days. Just trying to stay cool enough...everyone is praying for rain, here and in the midwest. Hope it comes soon. I'm so glad you stopped by. Have a good week!♥

  3. Hi Susan. Firstly, my prayers, also, go out to the families and friends of the poor victims of the Colorada incident at the cinema. So very sad. What is it with these young people who go on the rampage with guns like that. Absolutely terrible. On to better things, I love your little fairy. I have several in my own garden, and I love your little potato vine. The green colour of the leaves is quite wonderful. Almost like a lime green. Hope you are keeping well my friend.

    1. Thisisme...hallo! When are we going to see some pictures of Ruby's cast? I hope she's faring well with her injury.

      My little fairy has been bumped around for a couple of years, and, finally found the right spot. I do love the lime green color of the potato vine. Thank you for stopping by...can't wait for the opening ceremonies Friday of the Olympics! Stay well!♥

  4. Greetings Susan! Loved reading about your potato vines - they look really nice together and also with your sweet little fairy (so that's your gardening secret - your own special fairy lol!!).
    We eat lots of sweet potato so am going to save some end bits and grow them. I made sweet potato chips (fries) in the oven the other week and they are so nice... mixed in with ordinary oven chips.
    Happy birthday to Karo!
    Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Susan :D)

    1. Hi Susan, I've seen some of your sweet potato delights...I like them with cinnamon and marshmallows-I'm a cheater. Now, they have sweet potato fries at fast food restaurants, but I haven't tried them yet. And, my mom used to bake acorn squash cut in half with butter and cinnamon. It was the best! I just have the one fairy, and she's brought good luck to the potato vines, lol.

      It's getting hot now, hope your weather has been pleasant, your birds are beautiful. Have a great weekend, hope to see you soon!

  5. I just came across your blog and I "LOVE" it :D
    I am following you, you are welcome to follow me back if you want :)


  6. Hi LoLy, and welcome to MyTexasGardens! I'm so glad to have you here. I visited your food blog a little while ago, and, it was yummy! I do love seafood, and eat chicken several times a week. Thank you for inviting me to join your blog. And thank you for your compliment on mine. See you soon!♥

  7. susan, your potato vines look GREAT!! i don't think i have any growing around here...well, i KNOW i don't have any in they grow wild? yours look so healthy...and i LOVE your little fairy friend...

    about colorado...yeah, i was shocked and saddened when i woke up that morning & put the news on...what a horrific just makes me wonder WHY would someone actually DO something like that?!!

    take care...i hope you're not one of the places in the country where the temp is up over a hundred EVERY after day...stay cool!

    1. Hey Laura! It's hot, hot, hot...and, now expecting 100°+ for the next few days. Well, I didn't think about potato vines growing, I checked. They are native to the US and parts of Canada. Actually they are seen in the eastern 1/2 of the US which includes YOU! They grow along railroad tracks, streambanks & abandoned field. And, they're family to the morning glory. Will have to do an update post on these.

      So, there you have it...thanks for your compliments on my vines...they were wilted this morning-forgot to put water on them last nite, lol! But they've perked up now. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're staying cool! See you soon!♥

  8. Ola Susan,passei para matar as saudades de tuas belas flores e lindas postagens.O tempo anda correndo muito rápido,e,muitas vezes a gente até esquece de visitar os amigos queridos.Desejo que tenhas uma bela semana e deixo aqui meu carinhoso abraço.

  9. Hi Suzane, What a nice surprise! I've missed you, and, have missed some of your lovely songs lately. You're right...time flies, and, we sometimes lose track. I know you've been very busy lately, and, I will stop by to see your blog soon. Thank you so much for coming by. Hugs to you!♥


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