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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My 'Favorite' Gardner Turns 86!!!

'My Mom...turns 86 years old July 8, 2012

This is my mother, Alma.  She is decorating her table for the Mother's Day Tea her Senior's club hosted last year.  This is one of her favorite pasttimes...decorating tables for her Senior's club luncheons.  She always has a theme, and co-ordinates floral arrangements around her table settings.  Mom is celebrating her 86th Birthday on July 8, 2012, and, can STILL chase me down!

Mom is a very active 86 year old, participating in many community functions and clubs...she even helps pack meals for 'Meals on Wheels'!   She is the Vice President and Senior Advisor for the Greater Kansas City Herb Study Group.  She helps organize luncheons, and reservations for the various field trips and programs sponsored by the club.  And, mom helps plant and maintain the herb and floral garden for the club that is planted at the club's site within Loose Park in Kansas City.  She also is a member of a weekly reading group, and knitting club...WOW!  That was a mouthfull!!!  I'm telling you, she can still dance around me!

Anyway, I'm here to celebrate Mom and her accomplishments.  I have learned much about gardening from her.  Oh...she didn't sit me down with a book-I just COPIED her methods, and listened without letting her know!  Mom's best piece of advice to all is:
"Start small, and grow what you know"
Now, that's a broad statement, isn't it?  What do you think it means?  Well, I think, from my own experience that you should try to stay within the boundaries of what appears to thrive best in your climate and area.  I know, I know-it's fun to try new and exotic plants and flowers...and, I think you should!  I have!!!  And, sometimes you find that you can 'master' the beautiful orchids, or raise your own carnations.  Trial and error is the best way...
...that's how we discover what works best for us, n'est-ce pas?♫

Here we go!  I decided to post a few photos of some of my mom's garden work in honor of her Birthday! 
Mom's patriotic gazing balls highlight this garden of plants in her
front yard.  There's a lot of color on display here!
Photo by Suzanne on July 7, 2009

And, the Crane overlooks what?  We'll find out soon!
photo by Suzanne * July 2009

Here she is, working around her pond, checking the lily pads
and, other water plants!
How do you like the elephant fountain?  I think the Crane is on
the other side looking on...and, marveling!

And, this is one of my favorite places in Mom's back yard.
It faces the pond, and, is a shady and relaxing spot.
I took this photo, and, loaned it to Susan at
The KardKorner (haha!) to make invitations and thank you notes from.

***  OK...just one more photo!
Remember my little 'floral confidante' Chloe?
Chloe assisted me with a post last August on container gardening.
Well, here she is engrossed in the beauty of Great Grandma's
big shade tree! Chloe enjoys water features, as do all children.
I think she's about to make a wish in the (I think the water is for the birds) bowl!
You can see the English Ivy and a hosta behind her.  This is a wonderful large tree with a lot of goodies surrounding it.  I love to walk around it when we visit and look at all of the different plants and trinkets. 
Mom, you've created a wonderland for all ages! 

My mother loves all of the plants and flowers we enjoy in Texas, like the Oleander...she's the reason I took an interest in them.  Oleanders are all over my neighborhood in colors of red and pink.  I have a white one, and, it is truly a beauty.  But in Kansas City, mom has to take hers inside for the winter, which can be a chore in a large pot.  In my neighborhood, they stay in the ground all winter, and, for the most part, are evergreen.  Sometimes the leaves will get frost bitten and you have to trim them off in the spring.  And, mom sends zinnia seeds our way every year-you've seen what we've reaped so far...they're bursting with color and make beautiful floral arrangements.

Well, I could go on and on, but, it's time for the finale!
Mom's Birthday video shot by Karo on July 4th!
You'll like this one mom...Happy Birthday!

MOM, if you're reading this from your e-mail, you'll have to go to the bottom of the e-mail and click on MyTexasGardens, coming to my blog so you can see this video!

Video shot by Karo, July 4, 2012
Edited and produced by Susan from KardKorner headquarters
A quick Thanks to:
You Tube

and a BIG Thank You to all of my wonderful readers, near and far (and, of that certain age, lol!) hope you all are feeling well, and having a pleasant weekend-rain or shine!
I wish you joy, laughter, and music!♫

"The caterpillar does all of the work,
but the butterfly gets all the publicity."
~attributed to George Carlin


  1. Hello, Susan, and happy birthday to your dear mother! I think she's lying about her age because she looks at least thirty years younger! I hope everybody clicks to enlarge these pictures of her wonderful garden. I'd love to sit on that cozy brick patio sipping a cool drink. After all, you described it as a "shady" spot, didn't you? :) I love the array of plants and flowers, the water features and whimsical statuary. Thanks for posting, dear friend Susan, and have a fabulous week ahead!

    1. Hi Shady, mom would certainly appreciate your compliment regarding her age...she does seem to be ageless! I only hope I can keep half as active as she is. Yes, the little patio spot is VERRRY shady!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your birthday greetings to my mother! Have a cool and 'shady' week my friend. ♫

  2. What a beautiful little video Susan, and I loved the music. Is it the theme from A Summer Place? Well, happy birthday to your dear mum. She certainly is very active, isn't she. Just to see her bending over her pond like that - amazing! Her garden really is very pretty. It's wonderful that she has her health to do SO many different things in her life. I'm sure that all this helps her to keep young - and fit! Good for her. If only we could be like that if we get to her age!

    1. Fancy meeting you here Thisisme! I must say there's a lot of facebooking going on today. I've really enjoyed your fun photos of your gorgeous granchildren!

      My mom loves butterflies, and, Karo was fortunate enough to capture one at work. Theme from 'A Summer Place' seemed to fit the scene. I'm so glad mom is in good health...she couldn't stand not to be moving around in her gardens. I'm with you, if only we could be like that at her age! Thank you for stopping by, and wishing my mom a happy birthday! Stay dry!!!♥

  3. Aw Susan, you've created such a beautiful celebration post for your Mum's birthday and as she loves butterflies I am sure that video Karo took will delight her entirely. Such an appropriate song choice too.
    I was amazed when reading of all her activities. I knew, previously, that she has an active interest in herbs and gardening, but she is also very involved in many aspects of her community life. (I can see where you get your drive and initiative and creativeness from Susan) :D)
    I admire Alma's garden and all the little whimsies and inhabitants who pop up under a tree or by the pond! Well done, and the very happiest of birthdays to your lovely Mum.
    Very good wishes xx

    1. Hi Susan, I think mom had a good birthday. And, she enjoyed the butterfly video. She said it is really 'neat'! She stays very busy, don't know where she gets all the energy.

      Thank you for stopping by. Hope you're enjoying the week. Our temperatures are staying in the 90's which is now, it's always 102° and more! A nice breeze this afternoon, but kind of muggy outside. Have a wonderful weekend, not too many bananas, you hear? xx

  4. hey susan!! Happy Birthday to your Mom!! Alma! i love that name!
    your mom looks GREAT!! all that running around...laughing & smiling...working i9n the garden and doing all the stuff she enjoys...helps to stay body and mind!!
    love all your pictures...the flowers & gardens...the crane...your little helper chloe...and karo's butterfly video!!

    have a great week...and again, Happy Birthday to your mom!!

    1. Hey Laura! It's always good to have a top speller aboard! haha! Mom always enjoys another birthday...another year, and more to do. She really liked the video. Karo did good on that butterfly, he went from flower to flower, and back again.

      Thanks for stopping by and wishing mom a Happy Birthday. She may come on and speak in a day or two. Take care!♥

  5. Sorry I missed Grandma's 86th birthday ! Happy, happy! Your garden looks wonderful and I love your glass looking balls! Many more birthdays to come!


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