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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Kiss for You!

Our little grandson, Shawn
'Scootie' helped us decorate the tree a couple of weeks ago
We downsized to a smaller tree, but, he had so much fun!

I just came by to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!  

It's been a hard and fast many different things have happened, some good, some not so good.  But, we still manage to go on, don't we? 

I'm beginning to think it's okay to reflect on the past-it always brings a smile to my face!  When I look back, even the not so good events seem trivial...I learned from them!

  Remembering past Christmases, and, New Years eve parties...whoa, that last dance before the clock struck twelve!!!

Remember this?
mistletoe * photo by Suzanne

Mistletoe grows pretty much everywhere in Texas.  Actually, it's considered a parasite!  Go figure!!!  I drive under this stuff everyday to and from work.  In some neighborhoods, where trees are cowering over into the streets, you can see the mistletoe hanging, just beckoning, daring you to stop, and blow a kiss upward! 
 It was one of the most sought after plants at Christmas time where I came from.  A Christmas staple, you could say!  It hangs from doorways, and, from Christmas decorations in the center of dance floors.  And, everyone, at some time in his or her life wants to get caught under it!  Am I right?
  You bet!

For a parasite, mistletoe brings a lot of laughter and joy to our hearts at Christmastime.  It has a certain mystery about it.  We pretend we don't want to get caught under it, but, usually succumb to its spell.  I'd say it's a about you?

Here is the tree that this little sprig fell from, just a couple of blocks from our house at the park.  It's the only green on this tree!  Fascinating huh?
photo by Suzanne

Sooo...with that, I'll leave you...I must get over to the KardKorner to help 'Ms. Asta' finish up last minute printings, and, she's still working on her Christmas story, 'Stockings for Mary', chapter 3!  She's been sick the last couple of days, and, is finally perked up a much to do before Santa arrives!  We'll have little 'Scootie' for just a couple of days!

Thank you so much for taking the time to come by MyTexasGardens.  I wish much happiness to you during this Christmas season, and, for all seasons to come.  I cherish the friendships I have had the pleasure of gaining through my blogging experience!.

Y'all ROCK!

To get caught...or not to get caught!
Kisses and hugs to you all!
Be safe!