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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer's Not Over Yet!

White-Winged Dove

photo by Suzanne * August 18, 2012
Fort Worth, Texas

Well, this is a first...I've never seen 'white-winged dove' before, but on this Saturday afternoon, as we were driving toward our house, Karo spotted these white beauties flying around this light pole. It's the only light pole on our street.  When we pulled into the driveway, I ran into the house and grabbed my camera in hopes that they would not forsake me by flying off.  I quietly, hurried up the street...lo, and behold, they had lighted on the pole to scout out the neighborhood.  And, they stayed long enough for me to get a few shots-they were beautiful!

* We do have a few items of 'business' to take care of today (HA!  I don't have a business bone in my body!).  I know it's September, but, for some of us, the fall weather just doesn't begin until late October...drats!  Even, tho we think we can push our weight around and force it, we have to wait until the first leaf falls!

~and, here it! 

~Yahoo Images

I don't know about you all, but, I have never thought that some of our everyday spring blossoms could be potentially poisonous.  Oh, I know of a few that I've heard could be a bit 'numbing', such as the 'Oleander', 'China berries', and, oh yes...that much adored houseplant, 'Dieffenbachia', otherwise known as 'Dumb Cane'!

A couple of months ago, my friend and co-hort at the office, Cindy, brought me an article from the UT Southwestern Medical Center.  This is a publication Cindy receives periodically, and, this was the summer issue.  It is a toxicology report regarding some of our favorite garden flowers.  And, I thought it would be beneficial to share with you as you plan next spring's gardens.  The article lists potentially harmful plants, and safe plants.  I must say, I am surprised at their findings, especially since these flowers are our all-time favorites.  But, I'm sure we all use precaution when our youngsters are outdoors admiring these beauties...give them a snack first!

I hope you can see the chart well enough.

* Next on our agenda is the matter of my Windowsill 'photo-sharing' project.  Please don't forget to send me your 'windowsill' photo(s) no later than September 25, 2012.  I have already received photos from three of you, and, I'm so excited about that...thank you so much! ♥

Thank you all for coming by to see what we're up to in the Lone Star State.  It is a bit cooler today-well, to us, 84° is cooler!  I've managed to get a little gardening done...and, I'm still cutting zinnias every week to bring inside.  What a treat-colorful blooms all summer long!

I want to send a great BIG Thank You to my friend Cindy, for sharing her article on toxic and safe plants-thank you so much Cindy!

And, thank you's go out to:
UT Southwestern Medical Center 
Yahoo Images
~and, my Grandparents~

* and, lastly...
I saw this quote the other day, but don't remember where:

"The best thing about Grandma's house is Grandpa!
Scooter and 'PawPaw'

~photo by Suzanne * 08-18-12

Be safe, be happy!  Happy Grandparents' Day!


  1. Hi, Susan, and hello to Scootie and Paw Paw! 84 degrees? If the temperature ever plunged that low in my neck of the woods I'd be wearing my winter coat, scarf and mittens! (LOL) It is often uncomfortably warm here on Halloween night when the trick-or-treaters come out. I pity the poor kids in their hot costumes, fighting off mosquitos so late in the season.

    Yes, it seems in the animal kingdom (including the insect world) as well as the plant kingdom, "the prettier the deadlier" seems to be the rule. Luckily my dog Toto has never been interested in chewing any kind of plant, indoors or outdoors.

    I spot many mourning doves in my back yard but those white ones are beauties. Send a few over my way! I hope you are having a swell weekend, dear friend Susan!

  2. Good evening Shady! Yes, 84°! We're only to be graced with it for a couple of days. And, you're right...Halloween is usually hot and muggy. Don't know how those kids stand the hot costumes. Maybe the mosquitoes can't eat through them.

    I've never tried to eat flowers myself, and, I guess they don't hurt the wildlife much-the squirrels don't seem to mess with them much, and, frogs love to dig into the begonias and impatiens...I'm constantly kicking them out of my begonias!

    I'll try to shoose some white dove your way. We haven't seen them since that day...I was so surprised! And, they were beautiful. Thanks for your visit, we're about to charcoal some burgers outside in this nice breeze (rubbing it in!). Hope you do get some relief from the heat soon. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!♫

  3. Susan - Enough with you and Shady with those high temperatures. If we get to 68 degrees over here, we start to get excited! LOL!! That was a great shot you caught of those Doves. Very pretty. That was interesting reading about the plants that are toxic. Just shows, you have to be careful! Hope you're having a good weekend over there my friend.

    1. Haha Thisisme! I'll bet Shady would be happy to send you a share of his hot, muggy weather, and I'm pretty sure I can spare about 10° your way too! LOL! Does it ever get really hot in England? I know ocean water is usually chilly, and, you probably catch cool breezes from it.

      The toxic plant chart did throw me for a loop-but, most of those flowers smell so good. I am glad roses were on the good list, they're used for so many different things. We're having a pretty good and peaceful weekend Thisisme...thank you so much for stopping by!♥

  4. Forgot to say, such a cute photo of Scooter and Paw Paw!! Bless.

    1. Thank you Thisisme...I thoroughly enjoyed your rose this morning. Keep them coming!♥

  5. Hi Susan, such a lovely surprise for you to see those white doves. What a treat. You captured them beautifully too - a couple even striking a pose for you :D)
    That was interesting reading about the toxic flowers - who'd have thought! Good on Cindy for finding it ... definitely the sort of info to spread around.
    Love that photo of Scooter and his Paw Paw. It's so nice sharing a happy moment with a littley isn't it.
    Cheerio for now and enjoy your Sunday :D)xx

    1. Hello Susan, yes, the white doves were a pleasant surprise. They came, visited, then left for who knows where!

      It was interesting about the toxic flowers. I had never thought about that, but, I guess I've never tried to taste a flower, lol! We just like to smell them. Scooter and his PawPaw had a lot of fun with the puzzle. We bought a few of them, and, he stayed busy. He was so proud of the job he did putting them together.

      I'm so glad you stopped by for a hello Susan. Have a wonderful Sunday!♥

  6. Ola querida amiga,lindas as pombinhas brancas que esperaram por você para tirar as fotos.E o artigo sobre as flores foi excelente,pelo menos para mim,que tenho a mania de misturar pétalas de flores com folhas verdes usadas nas saladas.Adorei tua postagem.tenhas uma ótima semana e aqui deixo meu abraço.

    1. Hello Suzane, I know you love flowers, I bet there are some beautiful ones where you live. I was glad to have this chart showing the flowers that are possibly poisonous. I'll have to not get too close when I'm enjoying their fragrance. Thank you so much for your visit. I enjoy hearing from you always. Have a wonderful week.♥

  7. oh what a sighting! the white doves!!

    i have heard of SOME of those plants being poisonous...but not ALL, that's for sure! wow! what a list!!

    in the LOW 80's would be nice!! i am SO looking forward to fall & winter!!
    OH YEAH...the windowsill project!! i forgot. i'll add it to my list of things to do!!

    have a great day susan! =)

    1. Hi Laura, I didn't think all of those plants would be poisonous either! That list is really news to me! Guess we'll have to watch out when we smell them!

      You're right...the low 80's would be great, in fact, we're expecting some of that this weekend, I hope! AND...try to remember your windowsill photo! See you soon!♥

  8. That is just amazing that you saw white winged doves. "On the wings of a pure, white, dove, I send my sweet sweet love"... you were blessed!!

    Thoughts to you as you prepare your garden for fall!

    1. Hi Nancy, those doves were a beautiful sight. I have never seen any around here before. Thanks for the song, it came to my mind too! Have a great weekend!♥

  9. Those doves are really a sight to behold. They were wanting you to have a photo of them for everyone to see and they willingly stayed on the pole :) Autumn as I've seen on the photos I think are one of the more romantic seasons when the leaves turn yellow and pale green (we don't have it here). By the way, I would like to get to know you better through your future posts. Would you like us to follow each other? Take care :)

  10. Hi Farida, and welcome to MyTexasGardens! You're right...the dove waited for me to walk up the street and capture their beauty. It almost looks like one or two of them were looking right at me. I bet they thought I may have some food for them.

    Oh, yes...Autumn! Our Autumn officially starts on the 22nd of September this year, but, Autumn colors don't start appearing in my state of Texas until late October.

    I would so much enjoy us following each other, as I did visit your beautiful blog earlier. And, by the way, I am planning a photo-sharing post for windowsills on this blog in a couple of weeks. I've asked everyone who wants to participate, to just email their favorite photo of a windowsill in their home, where they may display flowers, or knick-knacks of any kind. It's not a contest, just a sharing event. If you would like to send me a photo of a favorite window in your home, I would be excited to include it in my post, along with your name and blog link. I want to feature the post in early October.

    Thank you again for coming by, have a wonderful weekend Farida!♥

    1. Hi, may I know your email address please so I could forward my photo of the windowsill? Thank you :)

    2. Hello Farida, I would be thrilled to add your photo to my post. My email address is I hope you can get your photo through. Thank you for coming by and have a wonderful week ahead!


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