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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mini Cactus...and, A Sharing Proposal!

Photo by Suzanne * July 21, 2012
Good Day everyone...hope this Saturday finds you all enjoying, relaxing and ready for the long Labor Day weekend!  I just have a short post today, I think!
Above is my 'mini' cactus bowl.  I do love succulents, but did not want to dig and plant a massive cactus garden this year...actually, it's been quite a few years since I've raised cacti.  But, I always admire the tiny cactus at Home Depot and WalMart, so, I broke down and purchased a few, and, they are still faring well. 
* The lighter colored 'roselike' plants are called 'String of Buttons'.
*   The darker green ones are named 'Mini Pine Tree'.
(these two specimens are native of South Africa)
* Now, the pink cactus in the center is a 'Grafted Gymnocalycium' other words, it's two cacti in one.  The pink part of the graft is pink because it is deficient of chlorophyll, thus, it cannot live on its own.  So it is grafted onto a green cactus stalk, known as 'Hylocereus'.  This cactus is indigenous to South-Eastern South America, and, it is strongly advised that you grow them indoors, or in a greenhouse.  But, oh well, mine is on the front porch!
Here is what the Gymnocalycium looks like on its own:
***  And, now...this just in-across the wire from ***
Scooter's Scams!
photo by Suzanne * August 18, 2012
"Good evening folks!  It has been brought to my attention that Susan from this blog...and, that other blog, is planning a little photo-sharing event.  She asked me to tune in today to send her request for your participation.  Susan loves windowsills (she's always taking pictures of her kitchen windowsill!)  Her plan is to display various windowsills that have flowers, fruits/veggies, knick-knacks, or, nothing at all.  However, Susan doesn't want to 'GRAB' them from the internet...she wants real 'downhome' photos from you, her blogmytes (OOPS! I mean blogmates)!
a technical glitch, no doubt!
Susan plans to run this post early in October, and would like to have your photos no later than September 25, 2012, and, she already has 2 windowsill photos!  Trust me, it's not a contest...just fun, sharing with each other.  So, please, if you would email a photo to her, she would be so excited! 
 Her email address:
Thank you so much for tuning in to MyTexasGardens!  I remain gratefully yours..
'The pawn! (OOPS again, I mean, Shawn, aka Scooter, Scootie, etc.)
Please, please, have a safe Labor Day weekend!
And, We Thank!
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" Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while,
But our hearts forever."
~author unknown


  1. I'm on it, dear Susan! I'll get a picture to you before the deadline, don't you worry. I happen to be a cactus lover myself. It was so strange. I went all my life collecting foliage plants like dumb cane, ivy, ferns, philodendron, rubber plant and ficus but never "noticed" cacti and succulents. Then one day in 1988 I was walking through the garden dept. of a Wal-Mart when their cactus display caught my eye. Suddenly it was as if a switch flipped in my brain because I became almost obsessed with the unique beauty of these desert plants. I've owned them ever since, at one time having as many as 150.

    Two more celebrity deaths to report, Susan. Lyricist Hal David, one half of the legendary Burt Bacharach - Hal David songwriting and composing team, has died at age 91. Actor Steve Franken, who portrayed Chatsworth Osborne Jr. on 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis' has died at the age of 80.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, dear friend Susan! (Howdy Scootie!)

  2. Hi Shady, I hadn't heard about those celeb deaths yet. Oh, what a loss! We're losing them too fast. It's hard to imagine 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis' so long ago. It was a fun show, and, really set the stage for many of our lives. Comedy is still good, but, not like that.

    I had a large cactus garden years ago, when I lived out in the country, and it was really nice. It was on the path driving up to the house, not close to the yard for little fingers to get pricked! It sure did grow well in the sandy soil. 150 is a! What a crop!

    Thank you for coming by on this Saturday nite! It's around 95° here, we're expecting the triple digits! Have a safe Labor Day weekend, Shady! Not too much potato salad, y'hear?♫

  3. i LOVE cactus too!!!! i have a couple of smaller short bowl-like planters that have a variety in them...nothing that one you have up there with the RED/PINK top!! (well, i guess it's not really ONE, but TWO? since it's grafted) i used to have a few of those...but the ones i have now don't ever seem to flower?!! anyway...we also have prickly pear cactus that grows wild here, and they get a nice big yellowish flower!

    i'll (maybe) get a windowsill picture to you...ha! my windowsills are nothing spectacular...and i guess that means i have to dust! haha...just kidding!

    have a nice rest of the weekend!

    1. Hey Laura, I like the little cactus gardens, this is the first time I've done one in a bowl. And, I never would have thought that pink cactus was grafted...does this mean we can do that too? Graft a prickly pear with a pencil cactus? hmmm!

      Oh, you've got a windowsill picture. My window is 60 yrs old and decrepid...that's what makes some photos interesting. I know what you mean about the dusting, lol! Thanks for coming by, again! We've played around with the camera, have a few new shots, but the moon is still behind the trees, so we'll try again later. See you soon!♥

  4. Howdy Susan! That cactus bowl is really cute, but little Scooter is even cuter! Bless his little cotton socks! The photo event sounds like a great idea and I hope you will get lots of participants. I shall look forward to seeing Shady's photo ! Hope you're having a good holiday weekend. Lovely little photo and grandma quote at the end there.

    1. Howdy Thisisme! I thought it would be fun to include Scooter in the post. I'm pretty anxious to see what kind of turnout I get. Thanks so much for your photo. And, yeah! We'll see what Shady comes up with, lol! Thank you for coming by, hope you have a safe trip home!♥

  5. Hi Susan, I do share your love of succulents. They are just so hardy - I have some cuttings from my Mum's garden which she shared with me a few days ago and they're still sitting waiting to be planted... no worries, they'll survive beautifully.
    Your pot of them makes such a pretty picture. I've often seen those coloured ones in the shops but never actually looked into their origins - thank you for the information.
    Such a gorgeous Blogger is your Scooter. It will be lovely to share a windowsill pic with you... um, I'd better get out the duster first [wink].
    Cheers for now and, as always, thank you for the smiles and warmth your posts always create xx :D)

  6. Good Day to you Susan. You know that pink cactus is the first colored one I've had, and it has grown some just since the photo. You're supposed to keep it inside, but I have it out on the porch and it's doing well.

    Yay!!! Can't wait to get your windowsill pic. I hope to have a good turnout. I thought it would be fun to share others's funny about the duster. Glad I'm not the only one who gets dusty windowsills. Thank you for coming by and complimenting Scooter...he's a hoot! So good to hear from you. Take care, will see you soon.♥


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