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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Precious White Roses!

photo by suzanne * march 2011

I've had a particular white rose bush for 10 or 11 years long, I don't even remember what type of rose it is. I do think it is some kind of 'tea rose' that most generally blooms twice a year and brings me much joy.  And I've not taken many pictures of the bush because the roses are so white, that it is hard to capture the exquisite details of the blooms.  At times, I have been able to cut and bring in a dozen roses at once.  One stem can house from 4 to 6 roses.  I cut the stems at an angle and put some chips of ice in the vase of water.  

photo by suzanne * april 2010

In order to receive a beautiful spring crop, I must prune the bush in October.  And, then in March, the buds start developing.  After the spring show, I must lightly prune again, and I can enjoy more blooms in the fall.  Last year I failed to prune (lazy), but this spring I did reap a favorable lot of roses.  However, the March winds this year were so strong and frequent, that the petals were blowing everywhere, and I lost quite a few roses.  I did get a few photos in April, just before Easter, when my little grandson was visiting for a few days.  The results below.

photo by Suzanne * April 16, 2011

My grandson Shawn * April 16, 2011
"He wears the rose of youth upon him."
~William Shakespeare

So, for now, this is it.  I'm having a dilemma with posting.  After having written a post and published it on Wednesday nite, Thursday came and I couldn't log in to my blogs.  I kept getting a message that "blogger" was unavailable.  When I got home from work Friday, I was able to log in to my blogs, but my new post from Wednesday was gone-VANISHED!-I know it posted, because I saw it Thursday even tho I couldn't log into the blog.  And one of my blogmates had left a message, but I when I tried to publish her comment another message told me the comment did NOT exist.  Don't know what the deal is, but I will try again, and within a few days I hope to rewrite and publish the previous post. 

So-what do you think my chances of a successful post are?


~ Charlie Sheen from 'Two and a Half Men'
The quote on my sidebar above the rippling water rose picture is by: 
Emily Dickinson * How beautiful!

I look forward to hearing from you, my readers!  Have a safe and happy week!


"And she was fair as the rose in May"
~Geoffrey Chaucer


  1. Hi Susan, I'm in awe of your post. It's such a beautifully put-together piece. The quotations are just perfect, and the shimmering rose in your sidebar - I was rapt.
    Ha ha, old Charlie - well, you know, Susan you might just have a win. I was reading in "Blogger Buzz" (in the Dashboard section), that they are working really hard to restore everyone's 'lost' posts and comments very shortly. Yay, hope so!!

    The photo of your grandson is an absolute beauty. It's like a painting - I can imagine how much you (and the family) treasure it.

    Such a lovely start to our day over here. Thank you and really enjoy your weekend break :D)

  2. Hi Susan
    I was so thrilled to read your post this morning.
    Everything in it was obviously chosen with care. The photos are so beautiful and the quotations are just perfect.
    Right from the start, it all looked very inviting… from the shimmering rose in your sidebar right through.
    The gorgeous photo of your grandson is like a painting – it’s surreal. I can imagine how you and your family must treasure it.
    Thank you for such an uplifting start to my morning (and that was even before our coffee!!).
    Cheers :D)

    p.s. I read in “Blogger Buzz” (which is in the Dashboard) that Blogger Engineers are working very hard to re-install everyone’s lost posts and comments very shortly. I’ll keep fingers crossed. This is my second attempt to post a comment to you this morning – will keep trying. Bye, and have a lovely weekend break ;-)

  3. Hi Susan!

    Yes! I got your comments...thank you so much for following and keeping track. I hadn't read the Blogger Buzz yet, but planned to. I'll have to go back. I started re-writing my Dandelion post, but will wait to see if it pops back up.

    I really liked the photo of my grandson. He loves to walk around the yard and look at flowers. I took the photo into one of my photo programs and turned it into a charcoal effect. I like to change them up. Usually, if you have a 'not-so-good' photo, you can get good results by turning it into an oil or charcoal-like drawing, and the original flaws of the photo aren't even noticed. So I don't discard some of my out of focus photos until I try something different with them.

    Yeah, I had to throw in a plug for Charlie, and found just that one photo of him drinking coffee.

    Thank you for making my day with your wonderful comments Susan. Onward and Upward!

  4. Beautiful roses!! Wasn't that a kick when Blogger went down? Glad you are hosting another blog and will look forward to seeing your Texas garden.

  5. Welcome Nancy, and thank you for stopping by. I was a little concerned for a few days, still missing the post I did on this blog from Wednesday nite. I hope you and yours are doing well.


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