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Monday, January 2, 2012

Herb of the Year for 2012...a beautiful surprise!

A cute cartoon...I just couldn't help myself!

Ok, ok...settle down now!  We're having too much fun.  Nothing like ringing in the new year with a little laughter, eh? 

I think we'll all agree that herbs are wonderful plants, whether they're used for cooking, medicinal purposes, or just for the enjoyment of raising them and basking in their aromic presences.  I like to grow some herbs, Cilantro, Rosemary, Oregano and Chamomile.  I don't have the best luck with Cilantro, because once I start snipping it off, it dies on me.  Then, one year it just came up on it's own, and grew to about 4 feet-wow!  But, it wasn't good...and, I had to cut it down with an axe!  So now, I buy it at the store for $.50 a for me!

Rosemary and Chamomile are my favorites for fragrances.  As you water them early in the morning, or early in the evening, the fragrance really drifts out to you, and in August, it smells like Christmas!  You can kick a rosemary plant around and abuse it all you can take it.  Rosemary is a drought tolerant plant that LOVES Texas.  I lost my last one to the rain a few years ago-too much water!  Rosemary is also used in my area to adorn the front steps of a porch, and just for shrubs!  And, it can grow very large.  The Rosemary will put on pale pink or orchid blooms in the late spring, or sometimes in the early fall.  I have missed it so much, I got one for Christmas this year, clipped to perfection resembling a Christmas tree, and I adorned it with tiny white dove and a red streaming ribbon at the top.  I plan to plant it outside in early spring...sure hope it makes it inside that long!

Hey!  Who's this?

Meet my Mom, Alma Jones!
She is the Vice President and Senior Advisor of
The Kansas City Herb Grow Study Group

Last spring mom was featured in the Kansas City Star newspaper representing her Herb Study Group.  Mom has been a member of this group for, what...5 or 6 or more years?  The article is rather lengthy, and I couldn't seem to get all of it on here.  Anyway, she helps maintain the herb garden at Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri. Other functions she performs include co-ordinating field trips for the meetings...they meet once a month, taking reservations for various field trips throughout the year, and assisting with new member applications.

The International Herb Association has christened The Rose as The Herb of the year for 2012.   Who'd have thought?  We know that most roses are wonderfully fragrant and very pleasing to the eye.  Next to diamonds, I believe they are a woman's best friend!  But did we ever think of them as edible, or suitable for medicinal use?  NOooo...

1) Rose Hips:  they are found to be rich in Vitamin C, and used in teas and syrups for healing, and...well, possess gentle laxative and diuretic effects.  Rose petals are also used to relieve cold symptoms, runny nose, and sore throat.

2)  According to Rose petals are effective in the relief of congestion in the female reproductive system...uh, uh, and in alleviating PMS!  (There, I said it!)

3) Oils can be extracted from the petals of various roses to make lotions.  Also, you can throw rose petals in with your bubblebath, or dry them out for use in potpourri!

And, so, my gracious readers, in light of all of this information, and all that our precious 'rosa' has accomplished, I am pleased that the rose has been so annointed with the 2012 title. 

In late 2010, my mother asked me to design the 2011 membership flyer for The Greater Kansas City Herb Study group.  The herb of the year for 2011 was 'The Horseradish'.  I was excited to do it, and designed a tri-fold flyer that included the itinerary for 2011 meetings and programs.  They are distributed to current members and to various churches and retirement homes.  And, she asked me to make the new flyer for 2012, herb of the year "The Rose".  The KardKorner and I got together, and below is the front of this year's new flyer:

  I used my own 'Peace Rose' photo for this cover.

Here is the inside of the flyer using my own yellow rose photo:

And here is the outer side of the flyer that folds inwards:
The small photo of the pink rosebush and statue
is from my garden, and the upper photo is a postcard of
the Rose Garden at Loose Park, KCMO.
The postcard photo is the direct backside of the flyer.

The herb study group meets at Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri once a month.  This is a most beautiful park with a lot of history.  And...plenty of weddings have been performed in the park's everfamous Rose Garden.  (Not mine, darn it!)
Below is a photo of the Rose Garden at Loose Park
Isn't it just beautiful?

Well, I didn't get married in this park, but, here are a couple of photos of me taken by a photographer, who was trying to get a portfolio together and needed what?  A hippie type model?  Well, whatever it was, I did come away with a few of the photos (I think my brother went after him, since he ran off without paying me for my time!)  Actually, my brother was a great photographer and instructor of photography and was trying to help him out...not realizing he was a jerk!  LOL!  I'm grateful to have the photos, rather than the money!  I was 21 years old, and memories are precious!

Me in 1970
Overlooking the Rose Garden at Loose Park
photograph by some acquaintance of my brother

Same place, same time...same photographer

Congratulations to the Herb of the Year 2012!
  my white rosebush
april 2011

Ok, we're done here...for this time.  I hope I didn't bore you too much with all the info thrown out there, and the surprise photos at Loose Park. 

*** Just know, I appreciate your visits and comments...and I wish you all wellness and happiness! Stop by anytime, and don't be shy...that's my department. I've had these photos of me stashed for years-it's the first time Karo has even seen them.

Please let me thank:
My mom-happy herbing mom!
Loose Park * Kansas City, Missouri
KardKornerKrib * Fort Worth, Texas


“Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm,
But willing to draw blood in its defense.”
~mark overby


  1. Wow, Susan! I didn't know you were a supermodel! Hey, wait a minute... I've seen you on television! You're Susan Dey, the actress who played Laurie on the Partridge Family! (LOL)

    After seeing that cartoon I'm glad my name's not Herb, although my wife sometimes threatens to plant a Shady garden. We have an herb garden outside our home and will need to cover some things because a hard freeze is expected here in Central Florida this week! Have a great day, dear friend!

  2. * Well, Shady, supermodel was only in my dreams! But I got to do a little modeling while growing up. Thanks for the Susan Dey compliment tho. We watch the Partridge Family now on what they call 'Antenna TV', and she is a pretty lady. Couldn't pass that cartoon up! And my mom had to pass it on to her herb club friends...LOL!

    A hard freeze can get some of the herbs, but my oregano and rosemary always make it through. I have a hard time keeping chamomile alive-it's so fragile. Thank you for taking the time to speak out, oh, if your wife gets that 'Shady' garden out-post us a photo of it, ha ha! It's back to work for me tomorrow-have a wonderful day!

  3. Hey Susan! Love that hippie look! I try to pull it off nowadays but it doesn't always work for me! Thanks for the info on the roses. I think I might save the next roses I receive to make some potpourri. I'm not as fortunate as some to have roses growing in my yard! I can barely keep up with my shrubs.... I am going to the garden center to buy some camelias in an attempt to spruce up my front yard!!! And they're on sale now so if I kill them it won't be too much of a loss!

    It was great hearing from you as always!!!


  4. * Hi Ziggy! You know, I've been thinking of getting some camelias myself. I think they're related to the rose family. I've never had any, but I'll look them up to see how hardy they are in our neck of the woods. Thank you for stopping by. I don't have to tell you to stay're always working on something. ♥

  5. Hi Susan, thought I'd pop over to see what's happening in your garden first of all. As usual - LOTS !! Great to be back and thank you for your lovely comments while I've been gone.
    Love the Herby cartoon lol!!
    You did a fabulous job on the membership flyer - such a lot of work and detail in it.
    I can see you've added a lot to your sidebar too - lots more visits to catch up I reckon.
    Those hippy photos of you are gorgeous - so beautiful Susan.
    All the best and until later, hugs Susan xx :D)

    1. * Hi Susan, and a very warm welcome back. Hope you're getting back into the swing of things from your trip. It's been a busy time in my neck of the woods with mild weather, and then, sometimes cold. Glad you liked the Herb cartoon...I couldn't pass it up. Fitting, huh? Thank you for stopping by-it's so good to have you back! hugs to you♥


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