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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Howdy September!

~photo by Suzanne * August 2013

Just coming by to wish you all a wonderful Labor Day holiday!  We're under a tremendous heatwave right now here in the Lone Star, plant life at MyTexasGardens is suffering.  We have moved some of the plants to a shadier area as  you can see here in my little 'open air' green house!  Not really a true greenhouse, just pretend-Rusty just walked in and said the thermometer is at 104°.

So, I ran out the back door with my camera, and, got the shot of our poor little bird that hangs on the mulberry tree...I mean, this is in the shade, folks!  See for yourself!

~photo by Suzanne * September 1, 2013

Now does that say over 100° or what?  Phew!  And, not a breeze in site...or, in the air, rather!  Yes, my dears, I've spent most of the day indoors, and, have enjoyed it.  But, really, we'll all be glad when autumn hits town, and we can spend more time outdoors, roaming around, picking up pecans, and, enjoying the nice fall colors!

~photo by Suzanne * September 1, 2013

Directly under the thermometer, under the mulberry tree, I have some Asparagus Fern.  And, miraculously it is still thriving along with just a few of my caladiums.  So, all is not lost!

Thanks so much for coming by today.  I just had to stop over and say hello, and tell you how much I appreciate your visits and comments.  

Play hooky tomorrow from's legal!  Well...I say it's legal.  I wouldn't want anyone to get fired for skipping work if  you're supposed to be there, so, I guess you better show up!

Happy Labor Day from MyTexasGardens!
See you next time!


  1. Hello, dear Suzanne! Our friend Thisisme will get a kick out of that cartoon. (So did I.) I am genuinely shocked at the severity of your heat wave. Do you live in Death Valley? :) It's at least ten degrees cooler here and I'm practically melting. The Florida groundhog came out of his hole this morning, saw his shadow, and predicted three more months of summer. I can't wait for our first substantial cool down and I know you can't wait for yours.

    I wish you, Karo and Scootie a safe and happy Labor Day, dear friend Suzanne!

    1. Haha Shady! Death valley...that's good, and, almost very true. The city asks that we limit the outdoor waterings, and, rightly so. We do need to conserve, but it does play havoc on these old homes. They shift as the soil goes through seasonal changes. We try to water around the foundation to help out. Your groundhog will hopefully get relief underground.

      I was looking for a work-related cartoon, and, I think I found a good one. I'll bet Thisisme will get a laugh out of it.

      Thanks so much for coming by, Shady. And, here's to a speedy fall cool down! Have a wonderful weekend!♫

  2. Oh no, too hot there for man or beast! Glad the fern and caladiums don't mind, though.

    Have a nice day off tomorrow and have fun keeping cool.

    1. Hi Nancy. I am so grateful for air conditioning! We have had a milder summer this year than the last 2 summers, but, I'm always ready for cool weather.

      Thank you for stopping by, have a great Labor Day holiday! ♥

  3. H there my friend. You and Shadykins were both right! I loved that little cartoon. So funny!! Phew. That is seriously hot and I would struggle to cope with that ! Those poor plants. I can just imagine how much you are looking forward to cooler days. I hope you are enjoying your long weekend. Our wonderful summer weather is still with us with some stunning sunsets. Take care and try to keep cool. Always good to see a post from you.

    1. Hi Thisisme girl! Cute cartoon, huh? How clever of the internet to appropriately display our very thoughts! LOL! Yes, very hot. But, we did get some gorgeous rain throughout the nite...I'm so grateful, and, it's still drizzling lightly now. YAY! But, we're still expecting temperatures up in the 90's. Nevertheless, it is a bit cooler.

      The long weekend has been great-no alarm clock! But, back to the salt mines in the morning. Thank you so much for strolling over, Thisisme. Be well, see you soon! ♥


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