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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seaside Petunias!

My 'Seaside Petunias'
photo by Suzanne * May 19, 2012

Hi everyone!  Just breezing by to share my 'Seaside Petunias' with you.  What a treat these have been.  They do well in full sun, and flutter like butterflies in the breeze.

These beauties are native to the U.S.  They grow in moist, sandy drainage areas, and along streams in the desert.  You can see the small 'petunia-like' flowers...they're abundant!  And, you can grow them in the ground, or in pots and hanging baskets.  I confess, I had never seen these before, and, only bought one pot-then, tucked the plant into this hanging basket.  I get to enjoy them every morning from our kitchen window, while I'm listening to 'Taking Care of Business' on the radio!  It is said that this plant is a perennial, grown as an annual...what in the world does that mean?  Maybe they'll come back next year?  Well, I suppose I'll find out, huh?

Have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for stopping's always good to see you! 

And, by the way, Monday, May 21st of this year, 2012, is
'National Waitress/Waitperson Day'
be kind, exercise patience, and tip them well...well, within reason!

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Hi Mom!

'Mixed Anemones'
painting by Emma Williams


  1. Hi there, Susan! I clicked to enlarge and could almost smell your pretty petunias. We had one good day of rain recently but that was the only relief in a prolonged period of drought. The rainy season is supposedly only days away and it needs to start on time. A benign hurricane season forecast has folks in Florida breathing easier this year. I hope the experts got it right.

    So sad about Donna Summer. Deaths of the famous tend to come in threes and if you count Donna's death along with that of the Beastie Boy and Duck Dunn of Booker T & the M.G.s, there you have three from the music world.

    Monday, May 21st might be National Waitress/Waitperson Day but it also marks the start of my mammoth, 9-post band interview with new posts coming rapid fire every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three straight weeks. I know somebody with your musical background will get a kick out of the stories shared in the series. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Sunday, dear Susan!

  2. Hey Shady, good to see you. It is sad about Donna Summer, and, she will be missed. She survived the Disco 'bust', and, continued to roll right along. I wasn't aware that she wrote her own songs...that's makes her even more unique.

    I hope your weather does what it's supposed to. There's already a concern for wildfires in Texas, but, so far, so good. We have reached the 90° now, and, there's only upward to go. I think it's good that everyone is working at taking precautions for potential problems this summer.

    I did see your post on your upcoming persons of interest! And, I'm confident you can pull it've already stirred up a 'band' of interest.

    I'm glad you liked the petunias...have a wonderful Sunday!♫

  3. I love petunias; you did a great job of growing those lovelies. Knowing your knack with flowers, they will probably be back next year.

    Have a good week, Susan!

  4. Nancy, petunias are great, and, I do have some lilac peppered ones this year. They grow leggy, and I cut them back some. Then the blooms come again! Thank you for your compliment-we would like to have some more of the Seaside Petunias. Have a wonderful week, Nancy♥

  5. Hi Susan - your petunias are such a happy looking lot of flowers. I love your description of them, yes, their petals do flutter like butterflies! I've never grown them but our Daughter has on many occasions and they add such a bright spot to the garden.
    I've enjoyed looking through your sidebar again... there's always something different. Sad about Donna Summer - too young to go. Love her songs. The deer photo "he's not heavy" is so sweet.
    Lovely to visit you again, as always, and sharing what's in your beautiful garden. Cheerio for now and have a beaut week xx

    1. Hi Susan! I wish I would have bought a few more of the seaside petunias...I love the name. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them at first. Then, we decided to plant them in the hanging basket. So pretty! Thank you for your compliments, it is sad about Donna Summer, I really liked her style! And, today, I read that Robin Gibb passed away. I was hoping he would pull through his illness. The BG's were also of the greatest groups of that time. He will always be remembered. It is so good to hear from you, and I've really enjoyed your umbrella making posts. You could start your own umbrella factory now, lol! See you soon, have a wonderful week.xx

  6. petunias!! every time i say that name...i feel like Sylvester...remember, from the cartoons? hmmmm....

    anyway...with YOUR green thumb...i'm SURE they'll be back!! :)


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