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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer "Six Pack"

Wanted to say hello with some quick 'pix' at 102 degrees in Fort Worth, TX this afternoon!

Under our Mulberry tree in the shade...Whew!
photo by Suzanne * July 23, 2011

Impatiens * May 2008 * photo by Suzanne

I like to plant the Impatiens early while it is still cool, because, by early July they are burning up if they don't have some shade and I often lose them.  This spot faces East, yet, it is still hard to keep them fresh and alive.  In the lower right hand corner is a 'Gardenia' bush.  I have another one on the other side of the porch.  They took a ghastly 'bite' this winter, but are trying to come back now-we'll see! The large clay pot houses a small boxwood shrub and there is another on the other side of the porch also.  They did well in these pots up until this past winter, and, they perished.  We will have to replace them, but it is so hot, now, I can't make myself do it yet.  And then, we have 'Elephant Ears' in the corner.  In May they are just starting to come up and thrive pretty well in this corner.  We have more of them this year.

photo by Suzanne

A trusty Gnome watches over the 'Japanese Fern' with 'airplane plant' in the lower right hand corner and some 'purple' plant that was given to me in the lower left corner.  This purple foliage is really hearty, still comes back after 11 years, and puts on small pink blooms in the late summer.

'Portulaca" * photo by Karo * July 23, 2011

Well, one, lone, 'Portulaca" aka 'Moss Rose'.  I feel so guilty-forgot we even had this in a pot out back.  But we noticed some growth and Karo started caring for it.  It has bloomed a little, so he journeyed out and took a quick pic.  It is very pretty.  So I have gone out, moved the pot out and freshened up the soil in it.  These are a drought-tolerant plant, NO DOUBT!  And I saw new buds on the plant. I promise to do better by this soldier.

Suzanne * Weatherford, TX * July 1992
photo taken by my Mom

Now here I am in the summer of 1992.  My son and I lived in Weatherford, TX about 45 miles west of Fort Worth.  Along my driveway I dug a large kidney shaped bed for -YES, of course, some excess plantings I had.   Can you see the large 'Yucca' towering to your left?  That's the one Rusty brought back from a trip to Arkansas-it was only 1 foot tall then.  Boy!  These things really take off!  I had to find another spot for it besides being in front of a bedroom window (it was tearing up my window screen).  What a job getting it down the driveway!  In the right hand corner rests a 'pencil cactus' that was given to me by some friends from their trip to Mexcio.  And it was a fast grower too!  Everywhere a piece drops, another one grows.  This plant, too, had to be moved.  I did find the perfect spot, didn't I?  A pretty wide open space coming up the drive toward the house...and, out of the way of small children, and clumsy women, like me!  I had placed a couple of barrel cactus, and some kind of 'fishhook cactus' that were low to the ground.  And, then, there was the 'pear cactus'.  You can see one in front of my leg.  They're quite abundant in Texas, in, and out of the city limits.  This one would bloom in bright yellow in the spring.  Then I dotted the ground area with white and pink 'perriwinkles' for brighter color.  I knew these plants could withstand the Texas heat and a cactus surrounding.  My mother and sister came to visit that month and brought me the wooden garden sign with the blackbird on top.  It was like icing on the cake, or something on the pin cushion maybe?  The garden was a real nice welcome to the property.

And as for #6 in the pack, you ask?
Blue Moon Belgian White Beer! (Whitbier)
from Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado USA

Well, I don't drink beer anymore, but cold beer always looks good!  Thanks so much for stopping by...stay cool, and for those of you having fall and winter weather, stay warm...but, I ENVY YOU!  Come by anytime and say hello.  You are always welcome!

And Remember!
"Consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like an idiot!"

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  1. susan, your plants look so healthy...but i bet they too can't wait for a break in the heat wave! ANY break would be nice. i like the 'purple' plants...are they tough like bromeliads? and that yucca! wow!!
    i have a few flower beds scattered around...and the plants are all cotton-mouthed right now...probably just like yours. actually it's hotter where you are! our rain has tapered off a little...but we do get some every few least so far...

    i don't drink beer either...not usually...but it does go good with pizza! or on a really hot day!
    sam's the beer drinker around here...and i know he's had that Blue Moon...
    cheers! and here's hoping we have some cool breezes soon.... :)

  2. Wow - you're having a hot, hot, hot time of it over there! 102F is our equivalent of 39C... 9degrees past my melting point ;-)

    Glad you're getting over your bronchitis now Susan - it leaves you weak for a while doesn't it. Being sick in the heat is even less fun. I got a lovely surprise seeing my flower card on your sidebar :D) Glad they cheered you up.

    Loved the tour of your garden. They're all being very brave and standing up well. I've a friendly thought for your Portulaca - they're so hardy aren't they. That's a pretty colour too. At the moment we have a bright orange one peeking through some grass. It brightens up its little corner and puts up with being trampled on because I forgot it was there.

    Anyway, keep as cool as you can. This weather shall pass. Cheerio, till next time :D)

  3. * Hi Laura, the purple plant is almost like a purple jew, only bigger. You can just pop off a piece, lay it in some dirt, and POOF-it takes hold. It branches off, and spreads. Mine is around a tree in the shade, I think that's why it stays such a good color. I mostly see it around trees. No rain in site yet, and it is 101 degrees again today! Weekend coming to an end...back to work, ugh! Have a great week!

    * Hello Susan, I hardly have a cough now-just once in a while. Third trip to the doc was a charm I guess. But it did throw me to the curb.

    Yeah, I really like the Portulaca. So many bright colors! And, most of the time it will return in the spring. I guess we weren't expecting to see it this year. Your flowers look great on my light green background, don't they? Have a great, unsoggy week!

    *** Thank you guys for braving the heat into the hot-box of the USA! I'm going to get my winter pictures out and dream!

  4. Hi Susan! Your plants are all lovely! We have had a horrible drought here in Houston and all my flowers are wilting. It makes me very sad.... Anyhow, good to know a fellow Texan is doing better.... I really enjoy your blog!



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