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Monday, February 27, 2012

Floral Arrangement Day...give it up for beautiful blooms!

photo by Suzanne * October 15, 2011
Mineral Wells, TX

Tuesday, February 28, 2012, is National Floral Arrangement Day.

Floral design day was created to honor Carl Rittner who  founded the Rittner's School of Floral Design in 1950.  Mr. Rittner was a pioneer of floral design, and, Massachusetts governor, William F. Weld, declared this special day in 1995.  I didn't know this!  But, hallelujah for floral design!  We all love flowers, and arrangements large and vases, pots, and outdoors!  And, although, we appreciate flowers every day, our thanks goes out to Governor Weld for making it official!

The designated flower for National Flower Arrangement Day is
none other than the Hollyhock!

'zebrina' * photo by suzanne

Here's my Hollyhock...didn't even know this Althea plant was family to the Hollyhock.  I love it when I can post my own stuff!  This is an extremely invasive plant-my photos are of only one plant, purchased in a 4" pot, for under $2.00.  Both of our neighbors on either side of us have inherited this plant from our yard...without asking!  There are more coming up now, and, I plan to dig them up to give away.  The 'zebrina' does produce lovely flowers, and quickly...they are fast growers, I guarantee it!

Here's a full view of this plant.
photo by suzanne

And, I came across a few floral storefronts I think are unique:

Regina Florist Co. Ltd.
Saskatchewan, Canada

Albert's Florist
San-Luis-Obispo, CA.

Cool, huh?  This one is in Hico, Texas!

So, jump on the bandwagon, find a flower, or several dozen flowers of ANY KIND...
...and arrange them! 

Thank you for stopping by, I'm always glad to see and hear from you! 
Be safe...and, SMILE!

And Thank You:
Karo for the lovely tulips
Hi Mom!

My Valentine gave me these beautiful Tulips!
...oh, yeah, and the wine too!
photo by suzanne

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers."
~Claude Monet


  1. Hi Dear Susan,
    yes, I too love floral arrangements - however, since we've been home, I haven't put anything in my vase. Tomorrow I shall, in honour of your Flower Arrangement Day. I had no idea such a thing was celebrated, so thank you for your post!

    Your hollyhock is very pretty indeed. Handy too that it's such a nice strong plant (even if it spreads itself around!), for when the weather is harsh.

    Your tulips are simply delightful - love the colours in them.

    Cheerio for now :D) Susan xx

    1. Hi Susan!
      The hollyhock sure threw me for a loop. I didn't have to worry about spreading the joy with that went to seed and shared with everyone! I did adore the tulips, they were not quite open when I got them, and when they did open, it was a nice surprise. I don't have much luck growing them myself. Thank you for visiting, and Happy Floral Arrangement Day! Your arrangements are very pretty! xx

  2. yay! flowers!! the Hollyhock is gorgeous!! nice BIG leaves and beautiful flowers!! i'll have to try and remember that one!!

    love the shops...esp the one in Hico!!

    and LOVE your Valentine tulips too!! :)

    1. Hi Laura! That Hollyhock did get big, and the leaves continue to grow as the plant gets bigger! It was amazing! And, how funny to see them growing in my neighbor's yard. He didn't know what the heck he had there, right in the middle of his yard-so he staked it up. It got so tall, I never told him where it came from, lol!

      The flower shops were cool, and the one in Hico looks like it had been an automotive repair shop or hardware store at one time.

      Thanks for saying hello, and for the kind comments Laura! See you soon, hugs to Milo!♥

  3. One of my favorite childhood memories is of the fragrant tulips that my parents planted around the foundation of our Pennsylvania house. They were the first flowers to bloom in the spring and such a welcome sight! There were also beautiful meadows nearby with a variety of wild flowers. I hope your week is off to a great start, dear Susan!

    1. Ah, yes...we always had tulips. And they were fragrant. I don't have much luck with them. I get short stems and large blooms that lean over with their weight. So I gave up. And I really enjoyed this pot of tulips!

      I'm so glad you came by Shady, and I see what looks like a much revered renovation of the Dell...will pop over soon for a look see! Thank you for coming by and, yes, my week is off to a good start, thank you! Take care, will see you soon.


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