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Friday, March 16, 2012

Dandelions Galore...beckoning Spring!

Photo by Suzanne * February 20, 2011

As I was meandering thru the backyard one sunny February afternoon, scouting for anything unusual to photograph, I noticed some patches of dandelions (not unusual plants) to the far back of the yard.

I just recently discovered that the dandelion is a perennial-I mean, who considers that?  We just treat the dandelion as a pest and we're always out there digging them up.  But, I've always thought of the dandelion as a pretty yellow flower to be picked and brought inside to a enjoy.  After a short study, I learned that because of the jagged leaves at the base of the dandelion plant, it was given name in Old French of  "Dent-de-Lion", meaning "lion's tooth".  And the yellow blooms grow on long tubular stems, that leak a white, milky substance when broken.  Eventually, the flower becomes a white, fluffy head of tiny parachutes.  And it's fun to blow on them and watch them float into the air!!!  ACHOO!!!

See?  Even my grandson Shawn, gets the picture!  I taught him well...hehe.  He goes out back in search of the great fluffy globes of the 'Dent-de-Lion'.  Actually, this is how the Dandelion gets propagated...all of the children blow the seed 'willy-nilly', and, where they stop...
...well, you know the rest!
Grandson Shawn * March 2, 2012
photo by Mawmaw in Fort Worth, Texas

Now, you know I did a little digging and came up with several functions of the dandelion.  It seems that the greens are good in salads, although, they can be bitter!  Blagh!  Not for me!

Ahhh...yummm, here we go!!!

1) You can eat the flowers, or use them to make wine...hmmm!
2) Or, you can make Dandelion flower pickles?????
3) The blooms can be deep fried and used with other veggies in a stirfry dish.

Well, I don't know about the edible uses of the dandelion, but there are also various medicinal uses of this glorious pesty plant.

1) Dandelions are used as a diuretic, enabling the body to get rid of excess fluid, without relieving the body of potassium.  As a tonic, it strengthens the kidneys.

2) The plant sap contains latex and is used to remove warts and corns.

now, where in the world did this come from?

3) As a tonic, Dandelion is also used in treating joint pain, eczema, and liver conditions, such as hepatitis and jaundice.

'wicked, huh?'

And, now, my dear readers...we must ask ourselves:

* To dig, or not to dig?
* Do I ooze the sap from the stems of the Dandelion
and bottle it for use on my corns?
* Should I harvest the 'Lions Tooth' leaves for my salad?
* Or, may I stir fry the plant with my favorite veggies as a side dish?

It's up to you!!!

I'm so glad to see you all here...I think Spring has just about Sprung, and since we've sprung forward in time, I feel like I'm losing time somewhere.   But, I'm sure I'll catch up.

Here are a few Birthdays we'll be celebrating before 'March Madness'
blows into 'April Showers'!

Shemp Howard (The Three Stooges)  March 17, 1895
John Sebastian * March 17, 1944
Kurt Russell * March 17, 1951
Rob Lowe * March 17, 1964
OH!  And my friend Cindy * March 17, 19..

Happy Birthday!

Notice, I listed Birthdays occurring on March 17?  Why, you ask?

Happy St. Patty's Day!
Thank you:
Yahoo images

Thank you, my Dandy little Lion blower, Shawn!

And, thank you my dear readers, far and near.  I am so glad you took the time to stop by MyTexasGardens for insight to the Dandelion...I know, I do look at them differently, and, do I 'salivate'?  NAH!!!
I just admire them for what they are!

Be safe...not too much green beer, you hear?

"You cannot forget, if you would,
Those golden kisses all over the cheeks of the meadow,
Queerly called dandelions."
~Henry Ward Beecher



  1. is THIS the post that didn't get into the reader??

    yeah...i know that dandelions have LOTS of medicinal uses...AND wine!! yum! never tried it...and we probably have enough of that pretty weed to make a BIG batch!!

    i never pick weeds...well...if they have pretty flowers...i leave 'em! :)

    1. Yes, 'tis the one! Blogger lost it last, I did it over, but with this year's info. They probably remembered it and decided to humiliate me some more. I'm with you...if weeds have pretty flowers, I leave them alone. Don't know if I could stomach 'yellow lightning' wine, haha! Thank you for finding my post! Talk to you's the new bathroom coming along?

  2. Hi there Susan!!
    So glad your post came through eventually... you have been having some problems.
    Wow, it was so interesting to read all those facts about Dandelions. A long time ago our daughter introduced us to Dandelion (root) tea, quite a distinctive flavour - not too unlikeable :D) As for eating the nettles, I'm there with you... a bit too bitter.

    Oh, that's such a sweet photo of Shawn blowing his dandelion.

    It is nice to see those little yellow heads pop up out of the grass - the bees love them too, as your pretty photo shows. Anything that keeps the bees happy is ok with us!

    I do love that 'mole' joke too Susan... good for a giggle!

    Lovely, as always, dropping in over your way. Cheerio for now, Susan xx

    1. Hi Susan. You found it! Don't know what happened, but it's here. I didn't know there were some good uses of dandelions. But they are a pretty flower. Haha! I loved that 'mole' joke...there are some you just can't pass up! Shawn has had fun with the dandelions since he discovered he can spread the seeds! He loves the outdoors so much. Thank you for dropping over this way. We've had some bad storms and flooding. Couldn't get on the computer last nite-our street had no electricity for 7 hours! So, we didn't get much sleep...will be turning in early. See you soon. xx

  3. * Well, Laura, I'll try this again. I've responded once, but it didn't get on here. Gah!!! You know, I can see maybe using the sap from inside the stems like they do aloe vera-it is milky, but, ugh! Don't know if I could drink any 'yellow lightning' wine, haha! So, like you, I'll just let pretty flowered weeds lie! And, there are plenty of them. Got that bathroom ready yet? Thanks for coming by, see you soon. xx

    * Hi Susan, having all kinds of problems with computer or blogger! Have replied to your comment once, but it's not showing on here. Little Shawn's eyes were trying to cross...that was a tough dandelion! Don't think I could eat the nettles either. But it does look good! Thank you for popping over and finding this. The storms last nite left us without electricity, so I had no computer or phone-nothing but a guitar (that's all you need sometimes!) See you soon Susan!


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