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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Which Way Did It Go?...My Previous Post, I Mean!

From Alice In Wonderland!

A couple of days ago, I posted ~ oh, something about Dandelions, and it's not showing up on the reading list!!!  I can see it on my blog, tho.   I've tried to re-post, changed the title...but to no avail! 

I originally wrote the post last May, and Blogger lost it, save, the original photo and my first paragraph.  It was never retrieved, but the first of it was saved in my drafts.  So, I re-wrote and added new pictures and information.  I re-published on March 15, with no results.  Then, re-published on March 16...still not showing up...ugh! 

This is a test, to be sure!  To be, or not to be!

Have a wonderful week!

Thank you Yahoo Images for the picture!


  1. Doggone your luck, Susan! What's going on with Blogger? Thisisme just told me she wrote a long comment on my latest post and that it disappeared when she tried to submit. I'm so sorry we're not getting to see the results of your labors. Keep trying. You might try copying the entire post to a fresh new form and republish. That might do the trick. One piece of good news is that I still have both of your blogs in my roll-up. Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend Susan!

  2. Hi Shady...well, this one worked. Just like Thisisme, I tried to leave you a message on your Happy Birthday John post, but, it took 3 tries before it went. My internet is working real slow the past 2 days, so, now I'm leary of posting anything else But, I may try copying and republishing as you suggested. Thanks a lot for your advice and for leaving a message. Have a great week yourself! Looking forward to reading your latest on Elvis!

  3. Darned blogger; we'll see if this takes.

    Dandelions as a garnish? Let's try it! We surely have enough here for a big old salad.

    1. Hi made it over. I've been having a few blogger problems. And, a horrible storm last nite. No electricity all evening, and a lot of flooding in Fort Worth. Ooh, I don't know if I could eat those wicked looking leaves!!! But, as you say, there's enough to go around. So good to hear from you...have a great week!

  4. about a year MIGHT remember...i was having a rough time getting some of my posts to publish and show up in the readers.
    i'd always have to do a post like THIS one and put the link in there to the one not showing up!
    it was VERY frustrating...and don't ask how i straightened it out...i have NO idea!!

    but at least you got this one to go through! :)

  5. Yeah, Laura, I DO remember...what a nightmare! And, now, I'm running real slow. We had electric storms last nite...our electricity was off for 7 hours, finally got it going at midnite. We got very little sleep. When I did this fake post, it zapped right on! Funny, how some of it works...OR DOESN'T! Thanks for stopping by!


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