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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Dashing Divider

The Flowers: Iris by Alphonse Mucha 1898

I've been asked by several friends if it is safe to divide Iris in September.  Yes, I say!!!  Actually it is safe to divide them when they're blooming season is over in  late Spring.  I have Iris planted in several different areas of my yard, so I have a bit of a job in store for me.

~Spring 2016 * photo by Suzanne

While I was thinking and planning where to start my fall cleanup, I wondered, "Just exactly where did the Iris come from in the beginning?"  I grew up with Iris plants in Kansas-my parents had them placed in groups strategically throughout a terrace that faced the street.  Not much else would grow there, but the Iris of various colors always made an appearance in the Spring.

With a little bit of research, I did find a few answers.  It appears as though the Syrian landscapes were generously endowed with Iris way back in the 1400's.   In 1479, King Thutmose III of Egypt, conquered Syria, and, upon discovering the Iris, decided that the plant should be immortalized in Egyptian drawings as symbols of the renewal of life.  Being a gardener himself, King Thutmose III took Iris and various other plants back to Egypt from Syria for their gardens.

Locating a picture of Iris engravings on King Thutmose III tombs and monuments was difficult, however, I was able to find this carving of the Kings' Botanical garden, Festival Hall, Karnek.

~Thutmose Botanical garden relief

Hence, we move all these years forward, and, the Iris still survives, having traveled miles from home, and, into our society!

~photo by Suzanne, April 9, 2016

Okay, now we're back!  Throughout the summer months, the Iris leaves can turn brown, but they don't die back.  They just look bad!

Here is my self made video, Part 1, from a few years ago (actually November 2011) of a small flower bed makeover.  In this video, I clean out the area, and freshen it up by mixing top soil and potting mix.   Potting mix is not dense, and, when mixed with top soil or any other potting soil, it helps keep the soil airy.  In addition, it adds nutrients to keep your plants healthy.

Watch what I do next.  And, please excuse my stutterings...I'm shy and I actually filmed this video with one hand, while I worked with the other! It is a little over 12 minutes can probably skip 6 minutes of it, and jump to where the Iris are planted.

* I hope you were able to watch my video-hilarious, wasn't it? does give you an idea of how you can plan and easily put a small flower bed together that will be pretty and easy to maintain.

 The following Spring brought beautiful, rich color to this small garden!  It just turns out that all of the Iris in this bed are snow white.
My little grandson was only too happy to help maintain!

~small floral garden * March 2012

This was a few years ago, but, the Iris are still doing well and blooming, and I change out the bedding plants each year.  And, you can see that the Iris foliage is stout and healthy!  I will clean out again this fall, and we'll have another look see at any changes I might make. little grandson is a little bigger now-hopefully, he can help in a bigger way!

I am so glad you came by for a visit, and I hope you were able to view my video-yes, that crackling voice was mine!  It sounds like my son when he was 11 and his voice was changing, lol!


I am truly grateful for my family and friends, and would like to thank:
Yahoo images
You Tube
My little assistant, Shawn
Southern Living Magazine

Every month I receive a copy of Southern Living Magazine.  It's a great publication, with tips and advice on home decorating, foods, travel, and gardening.

I love the 'Grumpy Gardener' section of the magazine-he's so full of, I mean, he's so full of great information on planting issues.  Below is one such issue:

Mowing Nightmare
Q.  When my son cuts the grass, he leaves clumps all over the yard, and it looks terrible!  My neighbors are ready to run me off the block.  What is he doing wrong?

A.  Don't be so hard on the guy.  Many people have sons who just hang out in the 'man cave' all day texting and playing video games-at least yours cuts the grass (albeit badly).  The reason for the clumps is either the grass is getting too high between cuttings or he's cutting it when it's wet.  Explain this to him.  You'll need to send him a text!

* Thank you 'Grumpy Gardener' for your expert advice on how to handle this situation!  We shall certainly see you again!

So, adieu, mes amis * be safe, love a lot, and laugh a lot!
See you next time! ♥


  1. Hi, Suzanne!

    I enjoyed learning how and where the Iris originated and also enjoyed seeing the beautiful specimens now growing in your Texas garden. It was fun watching your video. I don't think we knew each other when it was shot. You are too critical of yourself. I think you have a lovely voice and I enjoyed your narration. I was shocked a few minutes into your video when it turned into a horror movie with the appearance of a monster size ant. EEEK! :) While I was at it, I took a few minutes to visit your YouTube channel, subscribe, and sample some of your other videos which included songs that you and Karo recorded in your studio and footage of Scootie when he was very young.

    Mrs. Shady used to grow flowers and I'm pretty sure Iris were among her plantings. A few years ago she switched over to vegetables and herbs. As you recall from the picture I sent you a few years ago, my gardening is confined to my indoor collection of containerized cactus and succulent located in my sunroom with skylight.

    In my early teens I mowed lawns to make money. Those were the days before mulching power mowers and my customers demanded that I use a collection bag. When the grass was wet emptying the bag was a mess.

    Thank you for having me over for a visit, dear friend Suzanne. I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Take good care of yourself. I hope to see you again soon!

    1. Hi, I mean Shady! I remember your indoor succulent garden, as being an impressive display! You do a great job of keeping it maintained! I like succulents, but only have one small cactus bowl outside. It is pretty and very low maintenance. One day I would like to have a larger cactus garden, we'll see! I did raise more herbs this year than usual. My son does real well with herbs and peppers, so, he's kept them alive. Fortunately, we planted them in pots, and were able to move them to a bit of shade.

      I'm glad you enjoyed my video, I had been wanting to do that, but, am a bit shy speaking to crowds, lol! And, I did have a small setback with those pesky ants! But, the results were worth it. Time to get out there and get it ready for the autumn and winter!

      It was fun doing the videos with Scootie, I have saved them for him to keep as he grows up. It's funny, he watches them on his tablet when he's not here! Kids are so smart!

      You're right about the bags on mowers, they're a lot of trouble. Mowing is a never ending curse of home ownership, isn't it!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your uplifting comments, Shady! Blogging, again is really helping me through some tough times. And, since I don't work anymore, I have a bit more time to create and write! Scootie is in the building this weekend, hanging out with me and his dad. It's been very nice. Have a wonderful weekend, Shady, you take care! ♫

  2. Well, aren't you a clever little thing, making that video like that. I was very impressed, and it was lovely to hear your soft, Texan accent. Interested no little video as well. Good job my friend!

  3. Hi Diane. I did this video in two parts, and, held the camera myself through most of it. I would like to do more live demonstrations, and, also, do interviews with people. Big dreamer, eh! I'm so glad you came back to blogging-you have so much to share. Thank you for your comments-good seeing you! God Bless!


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