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Sunday, November 20, 2011

FlowerBed Makeover, Part I...Both Hands On Deck!

Bouganvilla * photo by Suzanne * September 15, 2011

After the hard, callous, "fried-egg-on-the-sidewalk" summer, my TexasGardens suffered tremendously!  So, I've begun the slow process of rebuilding at least a few of my flower gardens.  I will have to relinquish some of them, as the winter will probably come fast and there will not be much time to accomplish the entire task.

So, I've started small and light...and, decided to video the process.  Here is Part I of 2 parts of my 1st garden makeover.  THIS SHOULD BE FUN!!!

Well, what do you think?  I'm not much of a speaker... but, maybe, with a little practice I'll get there.  And, the buffering of video makes the viewing time longer...I apologize for that.  The project is complete and I hope to post the remainder of the video in a few days.  In the meantime, thank you for spending a little time with me in my yard, and please stop by again!

Happy Thanksgiving from 'MyTexasGardens'!!!

Karo and Me * Thanksgiving 2007
self photo taken on timer and enhanced by Suzanne
Please join us in giving Thanks!!!
(our thank you list is too long to post!)


  1. Hi Suzanne. I can imagine how that hot, hot sun must have affected your garden! :( Good for you, for starting on the rebuilding process. As you say, you don't really have too long now, but it will give you the Winter to plan, and then start again in the spring. I hope you and your family have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi, Susan! I love beautiful gardens like yours and Thisisme's and I have decided to follow your blog. Please understand that I will try to be as devoted a follower to you as you are to me but that my participation here might be sporadic due to time constraints. If I don't comment as often as I should it will in no way reflect the quality of your posts or the quality of our friendship. I just wanted to lend my support to you in some small way and tell you how much I appreciate your visits and intelligent comments on my blog. Have a wonderful week, dear Susan!

  3. * Thisisme, you're right about the sun...but, sometimes our winters are so mild, we can get out and go to work. Thank you for coming by and for the Thanksgiving greetings. It will be fun to take the drive to my brother & sister in law's home-they will keep us laughing and smiling! Have a great weekend!

    * Hi Shady! And thank you for stopping in on the other side of the states! I'm pleased to have you as a blogmate, and understand exactly what you say-blogging is really reporting and writing to me...and, can be time consuming, although, it's fun and good for the soul. I work fulltime, and have 2 blogs. Welcome, and have a wonderful weekend! See you soon.

  4. that was so cool susan! and it was nice to hear your voice!!
    what a nice garden. i love it. i have old bricks lining the perimeter of my smaller garden areas too! it's worth all the work, eh?? it'll look so good when you have it all finished...and the flowers bloom...

    gobble gobble!! :)

  5. * Hi Laura...what's cookin'? Are you frying turkey this year? It's such a treat. I've got the garden finished, just have to edit the video and try to slam it on here. This was fun, even tho I'm not a good speaker. Haha! Some of us write better than we speak! Thanks for stopping by. Lots to do this weekend with Thanksgiving going on-I'm already full just thinking about it. Have an eventful weekend!


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