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Saturday, November 26, 2011

FlowerBed Makeover Part touches!

photo by Suzanne * 11-19-2011

It's been almost 2 weeks since I started my flowerbed makeover, and, I have finally pieced the concluding video together for viewing.  Let's see how I did!


Thank you, my gracious readers...oops...I mean, viewers this time- for spending a little time with me in my back yard, just messing around!  I'm sure you spotted the surprise 'cameo' views of me when Karo got a hold of the camera.  I know, I know, the wild hair needs some help!!!  Will get to that, it was rather windy outside that day.  But, we'll see how the small garden progresses throughout the winter.  And I will post updated photos from time to time.

And, now, I would like to take a moment to introduce a new 'blogmate' to MyTexasGardens.  Please welcome 'Shady Del Knight'.

Shady hails from York, PA. where the music scene was very 'hot' in the 1950's, 1960's, and, I'm sure, still is.  He offers up a fine repertoire of the greatest hits, and the not-so-greatest hits of the day.  You will be able to listen to some of the old hits right from his blog.  And, for guest speakers, or writers,  Shady dives deep into the archives and introduces us to some of the fabulous DJ's of the 1950's and 1960's.  He brings you to his days as a teenager, who frequented a popular dance spot in York, PA.  Well, you'll have to visit his blog yourself for that exciting story!  Shady's a bit of 'rock n' roll', and, in my opinion, a 'lot of soul'...right up my alley!

I have placed Shady's photo (I hope you don't mind Shady) and blog link above, but, it you can't get to it from above, go to my sidebar of 'my favorite reads', and click on his link there.  You can also find his link on my other blog sidebar at KardKornerKrib.   

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had plenty to eat, and, then some.  And, now, we're heading into the Christmas Season with all the sales and festivities getting underway!  Please remember to use caution when driving and shopping this year!  And, I'll try to get some pics of the Christmas Tree downtown Fort Worth.  They had the tree lighting ceremonies last nite, but we stayed in-still recouperating from the feast of the day before. 
'Unveiling of the Feast' * Bridgeport, TX
my brother-in-law Danny, sister-in-law Linda & her sister, Judy
photo by suzanne * November 24, 2011
Oh, look!  There's Karo's sweet potatoes behind the fruit salad!
photo by suzanne * November 24, 2011

till next time...

"Part of the secret of the secret of success in life is to
eat what you like and
let the food fight it out inside."
~Mark Twain


  1. Hi Susan. Well, that was a lovely little video for us to watch. I love winter flowering pansies. They add lovely colour and have such sweet faces! I have quite a few now planted up in tubs and hanging baskets. I love your little terracotta cherub. I have several little angels and cherubs dotted round my garden. Welcome to Shady. He is a very dear friend of mine. Your Thanksgiving Feast all looks very scrummy!

  2. * Hi Thisime. The video was fun to do. And the pansies this year are beautiful. They show up nicely in neighboring yards all around town. I especially like the ones with the faces too! My terra cotta cherub is getting on, but still has no cracks or he's a keeper!

    I saw Shady on your blog all the time, and wanted to see what his story was...what a surprise! It's enjoyable reading, memories, good music, and new/old stories I had never heard before. I must thank you, actually! I've been scouting about for a blog with 1950's and 1960's musical history, and you had it all along! Thank you Thisisme, for popping over and for your gracious comments...will be looking for Sunday Snaps!

  3. Hello Susan (and Thisisme)! I apologize for arriving over here so late. For some reason, Susan, your blog is not yet regularly showing up in my stream. Sometimes its on my master list and sometimes it's not. I've been watching for it and when I didn't see it I assumed you had not recently published. I went looking for you just now to make sure and found to my dismay that you had already published a day ago. So here I am.

    I was shocked to find a picture of Shady Del Knight over here and I can't thank you enough for the kind words you wrote about me. You have turned out to be one of the most exciting new friends of the year.

    I love your gardening video. You have a very pleasing voice and personality and convey lots of useful information. Good luck this winter with your plantings. I don't know about your weather but here in Central Florida we're still running the air conditioner every afternoon and eagerly awaiting a cooling change of season.

    Thank you again, Susan, for your sweetness and generosity in promoting my blog. Good evening to you, dear friend, and I'll see you soon!

  4. Hi Shady,I'm running a bit behind myself. It's been a busy weekend. There may be a glitch in the system. Your blog only shows up on my list about every other day, so I keep check on my sidebars for updates. I'm glad you enjoyed my video...thought it would be a good change. We were still running air conditioning last week also, but it has cooled down significantly in the last two days. I am happy to have you aboard. Thank you for your gracious compliments. Will keep an eye out for your next post! Talk to you soon.

  5. It was nice to hear your voice, Susan. You did a good job on the video and the pansies are bright and sweet in their new bed. Pansies are for "remembrance", so I have always been attracted to them for that special meaning. Your weather should be just right for the pansies to thrive there in the winter. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

  6. I liked your garden pictures, the canna was beautiful, I see my pansies are still blooming, I have mulched them with leaves and they should survive throughout the winter, everything else is frozen solid.

  7. * Hi Nancy, my pansies are still doing great, even with 30+ temps. And we've had some good rain, so now they've really perked up. All of the pansies I've seen in our area this fall are beautiful...someone did a good job in the greenhouses. Thank you for your wonderfully kind compliments to my video-and thank you for taking the time to view it.

    * Mom, I think the pansies are extraordinary this year! All of them I see, are beautiful. They love this weather. I think that Canna is the last of them this year-it was undoubtedy the prettiest one! Thanks for reading and come back soon! Love, Suzanne

  8. Adorei seu video,e sua postagem.Suas fotos são òtimas e,tenho tomado conhecimento de certos detalhes sobre certas plantas que antes eram para mim desconhecidos.Bjs.

  9. Hello Suzane! I hope you are doing well. Thank you for coming by and watching my video. It was a lot of fun to make. I always enjoy your posts and songs-you are a cute and fun friend! Have a wonderful week!

  10. you should have a gardening show susan!!

    i can't wait to see what that little garden looks like when all the flowers grown and fill in!!! i bet it'll be really beautiful. you did a great job! love the little squirrel & angel too!

    OH, and your hair didn't look WILD!!! were out there working your a.. butt off!!

    nice intro for Shady...welcome! :)

    take care. merry merry! xoxo

  11. Laura, what humor you have...but a gardening show would be fun, once I quit stuttering from stage fright!!! I wasn't supposed to be in the video, but, it turned out ok afterall. Had to cut out some the dogs next door BARKING their heads off! Thank you so much for your nice and encouraging comments! See you later, girl!


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